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February 17, 2017
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 100th Day...At Last!

After many winter-storm delays, we have finally come to the 100th Day of School! For those of you who don't know, the 100th Day is a big deal around here. It provides us with the opportunity to step back, take a look at what we've accomplished and dream a bit about our future!

Our day began with an All-School Morning Meeting where a children's book about the 100th Day was read aloud by Ms. Laura B. Then we sat back and enjoyed a slide show set to music. The show depicts this year's first 100 days in pictures, allowing us to reflect on and celebrate the hard work by our Staff and Students. 

Throughout the day today, our students engaged in various activities related to 100 - from cup stacking to making wacky paper glasses, working with stackable lego pieces and more! As part of the celebration, many on our staff dressed as 100-year-old women.  It's always a joyous affair with lots of laughs, and today was no exception! Please enjoy some images from our 100th Day shared below!

This week also featured a snow day, a delayed opening and in between, Valentine's Day! Looking forward to some quieter weather for the next few days!

Special thanks to MFCS mom, Angelica Kashulines, for helping beautify our school today by hanging up some recent student artwork!

Our landlord, the Union Leader, asked us to remind those of you who line up in the parking lot for pickup and drop off, to please be sure NOT to block the entry points to the main part of the parking area.

Pizza Friday forms for March went home in backpacks today. Forms and payment are due Friday, February 24th  BEFORE February vacation. 

A reminder that school is closed on Monday for President's Day.
See everyone on Tuesday morning...barring a storm, of course!
 SAVE THE DATE, and Call Grandma!

We are super excited to announce our upcoming 
Grandparents & Special Friends Day 
on March 13th, 2017

Please help us spread the word by sending along the following information to your children's Grandparents and/or Special Friends.

This year we've scheduled this event  on a Monday 
to give Grandparents and Friends the chance to travel 
to town in advance of this wonderful day. 
Please note due to space limitations,
we ask that you keep your guest list to a max of 2 visitors.

When:  March 13th from 9-11am
Where: Mill Falls Charter School, 100 William Loeb Drive, Manchester
What: A morning together to share our public Montessori program with some of our students favorite people - their Grandparents and Special Friends!

Can You Lend a Hand?
MFCS P arents/Guardians, we are looking for a few Parent Ambassadors to help welcome our Guests on March 13th, and also are requesting some donation items (coffee/tea and morning treats).
 2017 Calendar Raffle Fundraiser

 Next week we will kick off our Annual Calendar Raffle. We will speak with the students about the Raffle before they leave for February Vacation, and send home a packet of Raffle Calendars with each child. 

There is power in numbers! 
We have 168 students,
so if everyone were to sell 10 calendars, 
we would exceed our $10,000 goal!

In advance of that packet, here is some info about the 2017 Fundraiser:
  • The 2017 Mill Falls Calendar Raffle features many different prizes from local businesses.
  • Calendars can be purchased from February 24th - March 24th for $10 each.
  • Calendars may be purchased on line, by cash or by check.
  • A winner will be chosen each day in the month of April. 

  • We hope you will encourage your buyers to buy more than one! That will increase their chances of winning. 
This important school fundraiser is a fun and engaging way to help raise money for our school, share wonderful raffle prizes with friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues and talk with people about our public Montessori school. Huge thank you to MFCS Lisa Zonfrillo and Amy Green for their help in organizing and designing this fundraiserl!
 Upcoming After School Programming

There is still some room in this upcoming 
After School Program:

Come make vehicles that can travel 50 feet under their own power or glide down a ramp! Use gears to make things move or spin! Participating students will create race cars, and exciting LEGO® builds. Students will use LEGO® pieces that move with gears and a motor. Each session the Let Go Your Mind teacher will discuss key engineering and physics concepts and demonstrate how special LEGO® elements work together. You'll take home lots of new ideas and fun memories, but not your LEGO® creations.

This  Let Go Your Mind Program 
is for students in grade 1-3, and will begin on Monday, March 13th. 
All forms and payment are due by Friday, February 24th.

Please click here for the flyer that went home in backpacks.

Girls on the Run Update...
Our spring session of Girls on the Run is now full!
If you registered, you should have received an email this week  with your registration status (accepted or wait list).  Please stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks  from your Girls on the Run coaches!
 Brain Busters!

Last week the selection of our Brain Buster Winners was delayed due to the storm. Below are last week's and this week's challenges and winners. Thanks Ms. (Math) Colleen for keeping our kiddos on their toes working on these fun challenges and as always, congrats to our winners!

February 17th Brain Busters:
Challenge #1: NUMBER OF NINES
How many times would you write the digit " 9" if you were to write all the numbers from 1 to 100?
Winner: Chloe/Olympic/5th

Challenge #2: IN A CIRCLE
A number of children are standing evenly spaced in a circle. If the 5th person is opposite the 13th  person, how many people are in the circle?
Winner: Zoe/Everglades/5th

February 10th Brain Busters:
Challenge #1: AIR TRAVEL
Ms. Colleen is flying to Florida. She is leaving at 2:15pm and the flight takes two hours and thirty-five minutes. What time will she arrive in Florida?
Winner:  Fthia, Everglades, 6th Year

Challenge #2: POWER OF 5
Make the largest possible number with the following five digits: 
5, 7, 3, 1, 9
Winner:  Will, Everglades, 4th Year
 Lottery Information Sessions

Know anyone who is planning to enroll their child/children in our 2017 Lottery? 

Please be sure to remind them that there are only two 2017 Lottery Information Sessions remaining!

Wednesday, February 22 at 6pm
Saturday, March 10 at 10am

For information about the Information Sessions,  please click here.

The Lottery closes at 5pm on Friday, March 10th.  For information about the Lottery and the application,  please click here.

 Winter Food Drive...for our New Food Pantry!

Each Winter, the MFCS Community
participates in a food drive.  This year, y our donations will directly support members of
our school community! We will be collecting donations for the rest of the school year.

Thank you!
Montessori in Motion
So many ways to count to 100 in celebration of OUR 100th Day! 
As we celebrate, we also say thank you to all of our wonderful staff, students and families!
Lower Elementary Friends counting cups, and lego pieces and more!

Our Upper Elementary Friends participated in multiple challenges, timed to 100 seconds each. Here is the Cookie Challenge in action...Success!

Meanwhile, earlier in the week...
Friends in all classrooms exchanged Valentine's Day cards. Here is one of our Kindergarten friends helping to distribute the cards to his classmates:

Science, Work Cycle & Read In...
In the first row of pictures, our Upper Elementary friends were studying liquids and how they interact. The students used food coloring to differentiate the types of liquids and record the ways in which they blended...or not!

Some very expressive reading this morning at Read In!
 February Break Opportunities...

Close to MFCS home, the Currier Museum has some great programming going on, including February Break Art Camps! Click here for a link to the camps directly.