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April 19, 2019
Important Dates
Food Drive for the MFCS Food Pantry - fresh fruits, veggies single-package snacks needed!  

Read In: Denali & Olympic

Spring Break

Read In: Glacier and Everglades

Teacher Appreciation Week

Living Wax Museum

Variety Show Event

Read In: Acadia, Zion & Yosemite

5th Years Field Trip Shaker Village

Read In: Denali & Olympic

Lower Elementary Field Trip to Squam Lake

Step-Up Night: 

Volunteer Breakfast

Memorial Day: School Closed

Field Day!

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 That's Amore!

This week we showed love for our school, our community and our planet.  Let's start with a HUGE shout out to the organizers and attendees of this week's  Spaghetti Dinner,  which was held at  Manchester School of Technology, MST The parent leads on this event were Amanda G and Meghan S. Our community   partner , MST, fielded a talented and generous team of cooks, runners, and servers who were overseen by MST faculty. The crew kept the lines short and the yummy food in good supply. All funds generated by this event - approximately $500 - were donated to our school. We look forward to many other partner events with MST. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped make the night a success!

* * *

Monday, April 22nd, is Earth Day. Since it is also the start of our April Vacation, we had a multifaceted celebration today to mark this important day. We began with a morning meeting where we read a book together, led by Ms. Mindy, about caring for our planet. Some Lower Elementary Students shared a recently completed research project about recycling and another duo read a poem about the earth. The meeting finished with a presentation by our students who are working on an all-school gardening project. 

Students then returned to their classrooms for a usual work cycle as well as some special projects in observance of Earth Day. The project theme of the day was up-cycling - the reuse of everyday products in some really fun crafts. Our Kinders created flower paper art using recycled paper; Our Lower Elementary Students created Bird Houses, Bird Feeders and Hanging Gardens all out of plastic soda and water bottles. Our Upper Elementary Students created Self-Watering Planters, Wind Chimes and Bottle Bangle Bracelets. And there was also a station thought up by Ms. Sue and led by Sue, Mel Kathleen and Ms. Mindy where students could their hands at weaving plastic bags into rugs or a bottle holder. Meanwhile in art class, students worked on newspaper art. Enjoy some more of the photos from the day below. 

* * *

While we love Mother Earth, she is not cooperating weather-wise this weekend, so we have had to re-schedule our planned Mill Falls Beautification Event. In addition to the rainy forecast, we also had a VERY limited response to our call for help, so perhaps a different day will free up some more volunteers. We are looking for people who love to paint and do DIYs. If that describes you, please contact Meryl or Jen by email  to let them know you'd like to help make our outdoor space more fun and attractive for our kids!

* * *

We are thrilled to report that this week we learned that the Bank of New Hampshire has once again answered our call for support! Earlier this year, we applied for a grant to help fund our Montessori extended learning opportunities, known as 'going outs.' And our requested funds have been approved!

Maria Montessori believed that children must witness and experience first-hand what is out in the community. As part of her curriculum, Dr. Montessori established the notion of "going outs" - activities aimed at connecting children with the outside world. Within the Montessori philosophy, these opportunities are more complex than the usual field trips; and our concept of these Community-Based Learning Opportunities is more student-focused. At times, activities may involve small groups of students at other times the full class, and these experiences will largely be student-initiated and student-organized.  How will the Going Outs / Community-Based Learning Opportunities be planned?  Usually, an idea forms in the minds of the children when they are learning a particular lesson, reading a book, or doing research. Often it is expressed by "Wow! I wish I could do that!" or "Wow! I wish I could see that up close!" Now, with the Bank's support, they will be able to! We are so appreciative that the Bank has been such a strong advocate for our public Montessori Program and so supportive of our work!
 Spring Break: April 22-26

Wishing you a GREAT Spring Break!

School will be closed from Monday, April 22 through Friday, April 26th. We look forward to seeing everyone again on Monday, April 29th!
 Safety First, Please

A few important reminders about Parking Lot Safety:

1: No Student Alone
 All staff head inside at 8:30, the official start of the school day. If you arrive at school and you do not see any staff outside, or you see them heading inside, please DO NOT let your children walk in alone. They must be accompanied by an adult, and signed in at the front desk. 

2: No Cutting Corners or Lines
Please be kind when driving in the parking lot. Don't cut off other drivers to access the circle when others have followed the flow by traveling first to the lower parking lot. And please do not cut through the lower parking lot. That can be a serious safety hazard!

Please click here for a map of the route! 

Thanks, as always, for working together to make our pick up and drop off as safe and efficient as possible!
  Brain Buster

How many times does  the digit nine appears in the numbers  1 to 100?

Winner:   Calem K/5th Year/Zion 

 Check Out the 2019/20 School Calendar!

At this week's MFCS School Board meeting, our Trustees approved the  2 019/20 School Calendar.  

You may view and download the PDFby clicking here.

Keep in mind that we have 6.5 hour days, and so we have 175 school days (many other schools and districts that have 180 six-hour days). While our schedule is a close match to the Manchester School District's calendar, you will note that we have a few different days, including our regular Early Release Days designed to provide our staff with professional development and collaboration time throughout the school year. 

 2019-20 Enrollment

Have your plans for next year changed since you sent in your Intent to Return Form?

If you plan to enroll your child in a different school next year, please send an email to office@millfalls.org . It's imperative that you communicate your plans with us, if there is going to be any enrollment change from this year to next.

If you are considering a change, but would like some advice, please reach out to your child's Lead Teacher or to Laura W . Thank you for keeping us in the loop about your plans!

  After School Club News

Basketball Club 
with Ms. Alyssa

Based on demand, Ms. Alyssa's Wednesday Basketball Club is now open to 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th  Year Students. Lace up your shoes and join Ms. Alyssa as she introduces participants to the game's fundamentals such as ball handling, passing and shooting. Besides being Glacier's Assistant Teacher, Ms. Alyssa is also one of the Assistant Basketball Coaches of the SNHU Women's Team.
There are only two spots left!  Completed form and payment secure your spot on the team! 

2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Year Students: 
Wednesdays - May 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29

* * *

In other club news...

This week the  Cooking Club created soup together and enjoyed it with some of Ms. Mindy's homemade bread. Club participants are calling upon their math, language and organizational skills as they learn to cook together. Thanks to club leads - Ms. Mindy and Ms. Kathleen - and volunteers - Emma B and Melissa M - for a yummy and engaging club experience!

This week members of the  Arts & Crafts Club with Ms. Shannon and Ms. Kristin  worked on 3-D Hot Air Balloons!
  Teacher Appreciation Week: May 6-10

  The week after we return from April Vacation is Teacher Appreciation Week. Our Room Parents are working on some plans for the week and will be sharing them soon. 

Please keep an eye out for ideas to celebrate our dedicated and nurturing staff - from the front desk, to every classroom, and all the way to the back where our Special Educators, Interventionists and Reading Coach hang their hats. While so many of you express your thanks throughout the year, this week gives families and students a great way to share their appreciation in small ways all week long and celebrate the adults that support them every day. Thank YOU for all you share!

  2019 Variety Show: Friday, May 10th

The  Second  Annual MFCS Variety Show will be held on Friday, May 10th. A flyer went home last week with the details regarding the auditions, practice and dress rehearsal schedule, all of which will take place after April Break. Ms. Christine, Ms. Alyssa and Ms. Devon will be coordinators. We look forward to another GREAT event. 
 Save the Date! May 9th - Living Wax Museum

Save the DATE!!!!
2019 Living Wax Museum
May 9, 2019

This year, our Living Wax Museum presentations will be on Thursday, May 9th. Please plan to join us as our Upper Elementary Students share their research projects, presenting important life moments in the stories of those they have studied. 

Montessori Moments...
Earlier this week, students in the Denali Classroom traveled to the Audubon Society for some outdoor adventures.

* * *
Below: This week featured our annual Lower Elementary Egg Drop! Leading up to the the big drop, students have been working on projects to create a 'cradle' made out of everyday materials found around our homes and offices. The goal was to create a cozy protection that would keep an egg, dropped from a high ladder, from breaking on the blacktop. 

* * *

* * *
Thanks again, Amanda, Meghan and the MST Team for a GREAT Spaghetti Dinner! And thanks to all our guests!

* * *
Below: Earth Day All-school Meeting & Activities:



Have a wonderful vacation!
See you Monday, April 29th!