Mill Falls News
May 31, 2019
Important Dates
Food Drive for the MFCS Food Pantry - fresh fruits, veggies single-package snacks needed!  

Field Day & Family
Picnic Lunch

6/1/19 TOMORROW!
Night of Community
6-9pm held at the Palace Theatre's Spotlight Room.

6th Year Student Overnight

6th Year Graduation
4pm, Theater at Derryfield School, all are welcome.

Glacier & Everglades

3rd Year Student Beach Trip

6th Year Student Service Learning Trip to FIT Garden/ Greenhouse

Kindergarten Tea
(for Kinder families)

Staff vs. Student Soccer Game

Last Day of School
(full day)

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 Field Day of Dreams!

What an AMAZING day we've just had, full of smiles (picture the duck race with floaties and flippers) and fun (think pouring water from one cup to another behind the back), physical feats (think carrying 15 pizza boxes in a running race), entertainment (by the Mad Scientist from N. Boston) and so much more! A team of hard-working volunteers began the day early to set up, then man/woman the stations, then break it all down...all fearlessly led by Laura W (known on Field Days as 'Clip Board Lady). It was AWESOME!!! After a quick break, we settled in to the 7th Annual Field Day Picnic and shared desserts. So many thank you's to everyone involved. A wonderful  Mill Falls celebration!

The fun will continue tomorrow evening when yet another group of hard working MFCS Volunteers - led by Rachel Marziano and Kim Robinson - will create a GREAT celebration in the form of a party for the adult members of our extended school community - our 4th Annual  Night of Community.

Tickets are still  available online or at the door. The event will be held at The Palace Theatre's SpotLight Room at 80 Hanover Street. The event with food, live music, art and a cash bar runs from 6-9. See you there!!

It's a great event each year that is both a social gathering and a fundraiser, but...  it won't be a party without YOU! 

So put on your dancing shoes and come on down!!!

With less than 2 weeks left of the 2018/19 School Year, there are several upcoming activities we are looking forward to including our   6th Year Student Overnight followed by their Graduation followed by their Service Day at FIT; our Kindergarten Tea to mark the of their first year with us; the 3rd Year Students' trip to the beach; and our annual Student vs. Teacher Soccer Game! So much to celebrate and enjoy as we close down the year.

 Attention Manchester Families: Busing Request Forms

**Final Bus Reminder**
Busing Request Form

Did you fill out your forms?

EVEN IF YOU CURRENTLY RIDE THE BUS,  p l ease take a moment to complete the 2019/20 Busing Form & Agreement and return them to the front desk  ASAP  or you will risk NOT having busing at the start of the school year!
  Brain Buster

Question:  How many hours?

The school day is 6 ½ hours long. A full school week is 5 days long. If you go to school for two full weeks, how many hours will you spend at school at the end of those two weeks?

Winner: Jordan / Glacier / 2nd Year
  TOMORROW!  June 1: 2019 Night of Community

It's a Cocktail Party... It's a Celebration...
It raises critical funds for our School!
It's our...
Annual Night of Community 
June 1st, 6-9pm  
TOMORROW!  Saturday, June 1st , 6-9pm

Where: The Spotlight Room at the Palace Theatre
        80 Hanover Street, Manchester
Who:  All members of our extended Mill Falls Community - parents/guardians, staff, board members, friends, neighbors and colleagues. All are welcome!

 (please note: online service fees do apply)

Tickets will also be available at the door.

Can't Make the Event? Buy a Staff Ticket! 
Please consider purchasing tickets for your child's classroom teachers, Special Educators, Interventionists or other staff members at a discounted rate of $20 each! 

 Check Out the 2019/20 School Calendar!

The MFCS School Board of Trustees approved the 
2 019/20
School Calendar.  

You may view and download the PDF by clicking here.

Montessori Moments...
Field Day 2019!!!



See you all at the Night of Community
80 Hanover Street, Manchester
Saturday, June 1, 6-9pm