Millennials ♥ Homeownership Over Marriage
Plus Home Loans, Rising Rates & House Price Negotiations.
Your Stress-Free Guide to Shopping for Home Loans
With this super-simple breakdown of loan types, you won’t get overwhelmed — you’ll find the right mortgage.
When it comes to buying a house, most people know what they prefer: a bungalow or a condo, a hot neighborhood or a sleepy street.
Mortgages, too, come in many styles — and recognizing which type you should choose is just slightly more involved than, say, knowing that you prefer hardwood floors over wall-to-wall carpeting.

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Rising Rates and Housing
The latest  Freddie Mac  Primary Mortgage Market Survey released on Thursday pointed to all signs of mortgage rates touching the 5 percent mark as early as next week. With the  Federal Reserve  set to increase interest rates again this year, mortgage rates are expected to be impacted.
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6 Ways to Lose at Negotiating a House Price

As an agent, are you using these tips to help your clients in negotiating on a house price?

You've looked at enough houses to fill an entire season of House Hunters and finally picked one to buy. Now you're ready to make an offer.
Your agent can help guide you through this nail-biting phase of negotiating a house price, but ultimately, you call the shots. Here's how to negotiate like a boss.

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Study: Millennials Prioritize Homeownership Over Marriage
When it comes to love, today’s Millennials seem to have their heart in homeownership rather than marriage and family.
In the latest  Bank of America Homebuyer Insights Report , 72 percent of Millennials polled for the survey said owning a home was their top priority. While this was a close second to being able to retire (80 percent), it was significantly greater than getting married (50 percent) and having children (44 percent).

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