Our names are Harrison (Harry) and Liz Ealey. We just moved here from Pittsburgh and in getting to know the people of this church we have sensed a need for structured young adult community and thus, after speaking with Father Kevin, have decided to organize St. Augustine’s young adult ministry.

Our main vision for the young adult group is to organize fellowship events as well as develop a small group where young adults meet for study, discussion, and prayer. We are defining young adults as people in their 20s and 30s, regardless of life stage (student, married, single, etc). We plan to kick the small group and fellowship events off this summer, starting the first week of June... more
May, 2011: Celebrating Seven Years as St. Augustine's Anglican
It's BIG SUNDAY and The Cupboard is Bare
This Sunday, will you consider giving to the Pastor's Discretionary Fund in a BIG way? This fund is used to help people in financial emergencies, and there is no money as of this month. Will you give generously to replenish the cupboard? Old Mother Hubbard - and Fr. Kevin - thank you! And...of course, Lauren/Family are collecting pet supplies and donations for CHA. We'll also celebrate May birthdays, too!
We Welcome New Members
on Sunday!
Join us Sunday as we welcome Harry and Liz Ealey officially as members of our St. Augustine's family! We love New Member Sunday - and you will love the Ealeys!
Japanese Women's Concert on Sunday Led by the Matsudas
Our own Ken Matsuda is celebrating 23 years of leading the Japanese Women's Chorus. Our own Tanya Matsuda is the accompanist. The Matsudas extend an invitation for the annual concert on Sunday. Details are below:

Sunday, May 6, 2018
Redeemer Moravian Church
3883 Summitview Rd.
Dublin, Ohio 
(corner of Sawmill and Summitview Rd.)

Refreshments afterwards. Admission is free. 
Dora and I invite everyone who is a mother, or who has a mother (that's EVERYBODY!), to join us in celebrating all the wonderful women in our lives. We’ll be bringing an assortment of tea-time treats, lemonade, and iced tea to coffee hour after service. Fancy hat and dress not required - but encouraged! We look forward to treating you!---Wendy W.
WRITER WEDNESDAY: My Heart Beats for Community
Fenny is a member of our church family — from far-away The Netherlands. She has a passion and heart for ministering to girls and women trapped in human trafficking. She’ll be back in the States again before too long for a visit to our parish.

I love St Auggie’s! What I actually mean is that I love the people who make up St Auggie’s, a community made up by beautiful people.

True church is people loving God, themselves and one another. But love has to look like something. For me, a big part of that happens when people are looking after and caring about one another. That is why I love ‘Minute on Ministry’ so much. It is great to hear from church family what loving the Lord looks like in their daily lives. I find it inspiring and encouraging, showing the multiformity of Gods love. It shows how wide, long, high and deep the amazing love of God is... more
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We are growing in all sorts of ways at St. Augustine's. From the recent survey of the parishioners, we learned that almost half of those completing the form found our church through the internet. God has graced us with several in the parish with media/marketing gifts, and we will be using those to get the word out about St. Augustine's. Wade and Sara S. presented fresh marketing ideas to the vestry last Sunday. Mary Megan and Deanna have joined the Communications Team to accelerate our use of Facebook and the website. Also, Mary Megan is going to create an Instagram account for us. We have a  Twitter account,  open for use! 

If you have ideas about improving the effectiveness of our on-line presence, let us know. And...if you are interested in contributing on the Communications Team, let me know. And...if you have not checked out our FB page,  click here  and LIKE US! We are striving to reach 350 likes by the end of the year.


Birthday Cake
May 10
Santosh M.
May 13
John K.
May 15
Timon C.
May 18
Curt C.
May 22
Mary A.
May 23
John Samuel W.
May 25
Robyn B.
Mike P.
May 31
Jamu S.

None this month that we know of!

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