July 2020
Update on Plastic Film & Bags
It's been one year since plastic film was banned from the single stream. In January, 12.4% of single stream loads contained over 5% of bags and 6 local haulers had zero penalties. As of June, loads containing over 5% of bags have dropped to 7.3% and the number of haulers with no penalties is now at 10 (calculated monthly).
If looking only at residential sources, the percentage of film in loads last month was closer to just 2% .

We are happy to share these numbers, particularly with the increase of plastic bags being used by retailers due to COVID restrictions on reusable bags.

Although it's been a challenge to get bags out of the single stream, the numbers don't lie and we are slowly getting the loads cleaner.
Thank you for your help in educating your customers. Let's keep the trend going in the right direction!

COVID19 Continues
COVID19 has continued to create issues in the waste management industry from employee shortages to increased safety precautions.

We are very grateful that we have been able to continue recycling operations at Millennium without interruption and appreciate the hard work our customers are doing every day to continue providing critical waste hauling services to the community.

Our COVID19 Community poster is still available for download or customization as needed. If there is any other education support you feel would be helpful during this time, please let us know.
Congrats to Millennium Staff!
We'd like to say a big congratulations to a few of our team members here at Millennium:
Jonathan Cisar has been promoted to Operations Manager!
Jonathan has worked his way up and overcome many challenges since first starting at Millennium in 2013.

Over the years, he has consistently shown what dedication and hard work looks like and has been a role model to many.

Supporting other team members through their own challenges, contributing his talent and ideas to our overall operations, and always offering a positive outlook for the future, we are incredibly proud to promote Jonathon to the Operations Manager position. We are so excited to see him shine with these new responsibilities.
Phil and Deb Blom Celebrate Partial Retirement!
Phil and Deb will continue to contribute at Millennium, but will be stepping back to let new team members take over many of their day-to-day responsibilities.

They will be enjoying more time away from the facility with family and spending more time traveling. We'd like to congratulate them on this next phase in their lives and thank them for all of their years of hard work and commitment!

We are grateful to have such a hard-working and passionate team! Congratulations!
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