The latest news on the Miller Avenue Streetscape Project.

Miller Avenue Streetscape Project Update - August 9, 2017

What happened last week:
Work crews paved the final layer of asphalt concrete on both the fast and slow inbound lanes as well as the outbound slow lane of Miller Avenue from Almonte to Sunnyside.  Pedestrian beacons have been installed - please push the buttons to activate.

What is happening this week:
Work crews paved the final layer of asphalt concrete on the outbound lane on Monday. The contractor will now pave the sidestreets, medians, and remaining parking areas. This week's work also includes the raising of sewer manholes and preparing for striping the roadway.

What to expect in the next few weeks:
Striping of the roadway will occur the week of August 21. Crews will continue to raise manholes to proper elevation. Final irrigation work in preparation for landscaping is also scheduled.

Please Note: There will be parking restrictions,  lane shifts, and short-term limited driveway/sidestreet access  to allow for final paving and striping.  Please plan ahead and allow extra time when traveling on Miller Ave.
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New Evergreen Avenue Median Configuration

The "Whole Foods" intersection at Evergreen and Miller Avenue has been modified based on the adopted Streetscape Plan and now will prohibit left turns from Evergreen onto Miller Avenue.

We would like to advise motorists of a new traffic pattern at Evergreen and Miller Avenue intersection. Starting on or about August 21, 2017 Miller Avenue will be restriped. Motorists traveling inbound on Miller Avenue will be able to turn left onto Evergreen Avenue or make a U-Turn on Miller Avenue outbound (toward Tam High). Motorists on Evergreen Avenue will only be permitted to turn right (eliminating left turns towards downtown).

This new traffic configuration is part of the adopted Miller Avenue Streetscape Plan, and was implemented due to pedestrian safety concerns, and to minimize vehicle conflicts in the intersection. Traffic studies at this intersection also indicate that the majority of turns onto Miller Avenue are headed outbound.

Motorists travelling in this vicinity should watch for changing traffic patterns.

Speed Advisory

Please be advised that in response to reports of excessive speeds on the newly paved roadway, Mill Valley Police Officers will be monitoring traffic speeds and issuing citations to violators.

For your safety, the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers on Miller Avenue, please obey the posted speed limit signs.
Where Can I Park?

Please see below for a list of parking options. Construction may impact some of these areas - please look for signs.
  • 4 Hour Parking - 4 hour parking is available in the Public Parking lot located at 411 Miller Avenue, across the street from Whole Foods.
  • 2 Hour Parking - 2 hour public parking is available on the street when not needed for construction (please look for signs), and is also available in the front section of the Whole Foods parking lot located at 400 Miller Avenue.
  • Other Parking - Parking will be permitted in the Parkway and Gateway as permitted by the construction schedule. Please look for signs to indicate parking availability in these areas.
  • NEW Unresticted Parking - Parking is available in the Tam High parking lot at the front (Miller Avenue) side of the school.
  • Private Lots - Many businesses have private parking lots. Call ahead and ask if you can park in their private lot.

City Council to Implement One Year Pilot Project to Retain the Single Lane Configuration in the Parkway (Millwood to Willow)

On August 7, the City Council considered a Resolution to authorize a 12-month pilot program to stripe the Miller Avenue "Parkway" (from Millwood to Willow) as a one-lane roadway with a buffered bike lane and curbside parking. Council voted 3 to 2 to adopt the Resolution.

As part of the pilot program, staff will report back to Council to further evaluate the functioning of the one-lane roadway configuration.

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Thank You for your Patience During Construction

The City of Mill Valley would like to send out a special thank you to the Mill Valley community for your continued patience during construction and to the M&G construction crew for its continued progress on the Miller Avenue Streetscape Project!  

City and Construction Management staff are making every effort to mitigate impacts during construction and are working with the Mill Valley Chamber of Commerce to notify local businesses and residents of the planned work. City and Construction Management staff are available to answer questions and review concerns. 
Contact Us:

Construction Specific Questions or Concerns:  
Please contact 4LEAF Construction Management 
Phone: (415) 328-6972 

General Questions or Concerns:
Please contact Linn Walsh, Assistant to the City Manager  
City of Mill Valley 

Miller Avenue Area Businesses: Do we have your contact info? If you are not sure, please contact Linn Walsh, Assistant to the City Manager at Please let us know your name, business name and address, email address and phone number. 
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