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Thank you to our Hilloopy Movement Motivators!
We would like to start with a special thanks and congratulations  to all the wonderful members of our Hilloopy team: 

Dr. Miller - first ever 10K

Ryan  - Savior of Dr. Miller's achilles / 5K

Kayla  - first ever 5K

Sandy  - Bringer of awesomeness and cheer

Rebecca  - first trail run / 15K

Elizabeth  - first 5K in 5 years / Party patrol

Brian  - first 5K in 5 years

Sharon  - first 5k

Justin  - first 10K / Thirst Aid

Sue  - 10K

Brad  - 10K

Chelsea  - first 10K

Jeff - first 10K

Evie / Penny / Lena - team cuteness
It was a beautiful morning for the Hilloopy 100K Relay/Hot Hilly Hairy Ultra. The weather was perfect, the runners were energized and the race kicked off at 6am. 

Our wonderful team totaled 66 miles; many running their first trail, 5K or 10K event. It was a day full of laughter, sweat, food, drinks and fun. Check out the awesome moments we captured at the event!
August Schedule
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Patients are advised to follow their treatment schedule and be proactive in booking their appointments.                                                 

MillerSWC Announcements
August Video Blog - Hip Hinge!
Have you heard your MillerSWC provider use the term 'hip-hinge?'  In this month's Vlog, Ryan shares the basic benefits of using this muscle pattern. Watch the video and practice along with his demonstration. You'll be a hip-hinging machine, with little to no knee/back pain.                                            

August Video Blog - Hip hinge
August Video Blog - Hip Hinge
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