The long awaited sunshine and warm weather is finally upon us!  Keep your care up to date and body in touch, to kick those pesky aches and pains. 
Big plans for June at MillerSWC!
We are always looking for ways to grow in order to provide the best experience possible. This month some new  and exciting things are happening to help improve your Miller Sports & Wellness experience! We're also hosting two community workshops and training for the Hilloopy Team Relay (July). 
Our website and email were updated over Memorial Day weekend. If you had any trouble viewing the webpage or sending us a message, everything is up and running -  faster than ever before. Same great website, only better!
Extended Summer Hours
 Summer is a busy time of year, for you and for us! In order to better meet your needs we have added some extra evening hours to our schedule. Check out our announcements page to see the new schedule, and other important office updates.                                                 
Summer Office Hours
Yoga for Runners - 6/15
We are ready for session #3 of Yoga for Runners! Sandy Ahlensdorf of Yogi Mobility, will take us on a full body journey. You will discover muscles you may not even know you use for running, let alone the impact they could have on your performance. Add some balance into your training routine with this interactive workshop. Call the office, or simply respond to this newsletter to join us! Spots are limited!                                                   

Learn more about Yogi Mobility
Fitness, Food & Fun! - 6/22
  Food is the body's fuel - we all know you can't out-train a poor diet. To help guide our training in the right direction, Alex Rosencutter  is presenting "Nutrition for Training". He will highlight the benefits of getting the right foods and what is best to ingest for pre-workout, the duration of training, and recovery. We'll even be sending out a mini-recipe book after the event. Find out how to get your favorite healthy recipe included! Call MillerSWC with questions at: 262.366.3655

Cheers to three years - Goodbye, Kayla! 

For the last three years, you've spoken to her on the phone, seen her behind the front desk, around the office and in the community, proudly representing Miller Sports & Wellness. At the end of June, our Director of First Impressions Kayla and her fiance are seizing opportunity and relocating to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. (She will be back to run the Hilloopy with us on July 30th!) We are definitely sad to see her go - she has been an integral part of our team and will always have a special place in our hearts.  Kayla, we wish you nothing but good health and happiness.
Good luck!
We are in full swing for Hilloopy training! With a number of our training workshops behind us, you still have a few chances to get some game-changing tips before Hilloopy, or your next event!

We're offering a registration fee of $55 through July 15th - lower than normal registration, still with all the perks of joining our Miller Sports & Wellness team!

All of our workshops and Hilloopy events can be found on! Send in an RSVP, stay connected to MillerSWC and get to know other 'Movement Motivators' in the community!
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