August 2012

Volume #17

 $140K - $165K - $190K - $200K - $265K

(Please Circle Pediatric GI Fellow Compensation Offers for 2013)



If you circled every number from the list above then you are correct.  The talent and cost implications of compensation disparities in pediatrics are profound.  It is no longer just an academic versus private practice debate as only the top number above represents a non-university based private practice role.  It is about innovative process, the ability to compete and be competitive, and a unified energized presentation.  Do you need data?    


MillicanSolutions, in partnership with the AAAP, recently completed the second national recruiting and retention trends survey.  Collectively, we sought a better understanding of the implications of compensation disparities on Departments of Pediatrics and their hospital partners.  We pushed to analyze the effectiveness of current recruiting and retention practices given the introduction of Generation Y into an aging physician leadership contingency.  And finally, we pursued to identify best practices and the cost implications on organizations choosing not to evolve in their staffing philosophies.  Survey results were presented at the 2012 AAAP Annual Meeting in Nashville. 


MillicanSolutions is pleased to provide a copy of the survey results to you.  We want every Department of Pediatrics and Children's Hospital to be successful in their efforts to deliver high quality care to kids.  We know that is hard to do without high quality physicians.  Please review the survey results with your teams and ask the question, "Are we being innovative and competitive and are we unified and energized as a system about the opportunity?"


Download your free copy of the 2012 MillicanSolutions Recruiting & Retention Survey 


As an added resource, I am more than willing to come on-site to meet with your team and discuss its current recruiting and retention strategies in comparison with the national trends elicited in the survey.  Best of luck in the 2012-13 academic year.



Wesley Millican


MillicanSolutions, Inc.
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"It was MillicanSolutions' ability to be professionally persistent that brought me to my current role in Memphis. Today, thought leaders in all pediatric subspecialties are inundated with professional leadership opportunities. Without representation like that provided by Wesley Millican, most opportunities will fail to rise above the noise that is created by the current talent shortages in pediatrics."


Jim Wheless, M.D.
Professor and Chief of Pediatric Neurology
LeBonheur Children's Medical Center
Clinical Chief and Director of Pediatric Neurology
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
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Johnny Hong, MD

Service Line Director, Solid Organ Transplant

Medical College of Wisconsin

Milwaukee, WI


MillicanSolutions is proud to announce its newly accepted membership into The Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC). 

The AESC, a worldwide professional association for the retained executive search and leadership consulting industry, promotes the highest professional standards in retained executive search and leadership consulting through its industry recognized Code of Ethics and Professional Practice Guidelines. 


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