May 2013

Volume #19

But... It's Not Diet! It's. Not. Diet.
I'm So Thirsty!





In the movie, "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" Matthew McConaughey, an avid sports fan, is being tormented by Kate Hudson who is intentionally trying to drive him away utilizing the atrocious dating tactics of our teens and twenties.  In the scene above, Kate times a claim of "insatiable thirst" with the closing minutes of a Knicks playoff game.  Irritated, but compliant, he races through the crowd, secures the thirst quenching drink, and returns hoping to catch the closing seconds.  To his dismay, she tries the large, ice-cold Coke and utters the famous words, "It's not diet - I'm so thirsty!"   


Yes, I know use of the above example confirms my appreciation of a good "chick flick," but it also typifies the seemingly unrecognized subspecialty recruitment realities prevalent across pediatrics. Many claim the same "insatiable thirst" for neurology, pulmonology, cardiovascular surgery, general surgery and genetics to meet a crushing clinical demand, but few demonstrate the simple flexibility and creativity required to secure the quality candidates within their reach. Historic practices, politics, and protocols paralyze recruiting efforts and the ability to respond to simple candidate requests.  "We have never done it that way" and "We have never offered that resource" begin to sound a lot like, "It's not diet!"


If you are truly thirsty, drink the Coke.  No, its not exactly the diet drink you ordered and may be a little richer than you are accustomed, but your thirst in these searing dog days of subspecialty recruitment will be substantially quenched.  Who knows, maybe your organization's palette will have been permanently expanded for the better.         



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