Aspen Electronics will be exhibiting at the ARMMS Conference being held at Double Tree by Hilton Oxford Belfry, Thame, on Monday 1st & Tuesday 2nd April 2019.

Come and see us in the exhibition area where we will have various products on show, including:
  • Adsantec - High Speed Mixed Signal ICs for Test & Measurement and Telecommunication to 56GHz

  • Arance - VNA cables, NMD Adaptors and Coaxial Cables to 67GHz

  • Custom MMIC - Low Phase Noise MMIC LNAs, PAs, Drivers, Mixers, Switches & Multipliers

  • Erzia - Amplifiers, IMAs & Sub-Systems to 119GHz

  • Gotmic - MMIC Amplifiers, Detectors, Mixers, Multipliers, Switches, Rxs and Txs to 120GHz

  • Marki Microwave - Mixers, Baluns, Bias Tees, Couplers & Splitters to 67GHz, and including their latest NLTL to 85GHz

  • Mi-Wave - Millimetre Wave Products from 5GHz to 325GHz

  • RFbeam - 77GHz Doppler Modules

  • Junkosha - High reliability coaxial cable assemblies for Microwave & Millimeter Wave applications from 26.5 to 120GHz, tailored to customer specific needs.
Farran Technology

Farran offers a wide range of Test & Measurement systems such as VNA Extenders, Noise Figure Analyser and Frequency Extension Sources from 40 GHz to 500GHz.  

Products Include:

Frequency Extension Products for VNAs/PNAs/PNA-Xs, SAs, NFAs & Signal Generators (40 to 500GHz).
Low Cost mmWave, 2&4 Port VNA Test Solutions (50 to 110GHz).
Frequency Extension Controller Modules & Extender Calibration Kits (40 to 500GHz).
CobaltFx goes 4-port.

A live demo of E-band 60-90 GHz S-parameters measurement solution is available on our website.
Gotmic W-Band Power Amplifier 92-96GHz (85-110GHz)

The gAPZ0095A is a bare die GaAs pHEMT four-stage power amplifier MMIC optimized for 92-96 GHz. It is ideal for high power W-band radar applications and long-range spectral efficient point-to-point communication. At a nominal bias of 4.0 V and 1.3 A the MMIC dissipates 5.2 W and deliver 28.5 dBm saturated power at 9 % PAE. Two temperature compensated detectors are integrated on-chip and can be configured for RMS power or envelope detection.

It is also offered in a surface mount package (gMPA0021A) optimized for 92-96GHz.


  • 92-96 GHz
  • 28.5 dBm PSAT
  • 15 dB gain
  • Integrated detectors
  • Nominal bias: 4.0 V and 1.3 A
  • Size: 4 x 2.5 x 0.05 mm


  • Radar and imaging
  • Point-to-point communication
  • Instrumentation
  • Fibre over radio
955A 27-33GHz, 10Watt Power Amplifier  

Millimeter Wave Products Inc. has begun manufacturing it’s latest line of amplifiers for the 5G industry.

They can also push to higher levels of power!

  • Frequency 27-34GHz 
  • Small Signal Gain 40dB typ 
  • Output Power (Psat) +41.5dBm typ 
  • Input Drive Level +5dBm typ 
  • Input/Output Return Loss (dB) 2.0 :1 
  • Bias Voltage 100 to 230 VAC 50 to 60 Hz 
  • Maximum RF Input Power +15dBm max

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