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April 2023

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Stay in the know by attending the various Council and Committee meetings. We appreciate any and all input and feedback. Please remember this is YOUR community and YOUR voice matters. CLICK HERE to view the Community Calendar and stay up to date with all scheduled meetings. If you cannot attend a meeting you can stay in the know by watching the recordings on our YouTube Channel. Feel free to subscribe to the channel to stay up to date. 

The Millinocket Town Council meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at 5:30. Meetings are held in-person in Charles Sanders Council Chambers and remote access available via Zoom. CLICK HERE for more information regarding town council meetings! Please considering joining these meetings are participating in the discussion. All are welcome!

The Town of Millinocket is currently seeking volunteers to help with various events and projects! Join our team to help make our community a great place to live! CLICK HERE to sign up online or stop by the Town Office to sign up in person.   We are looking forward to meeting all community members who want to help make a difference!

A Glimpse into Millinocket's Past

The Millinocket Company I Maine National Guard baseball team, late 1920’s; Identified as: (top row) L. Bilodeau, W. Walsh, C. Soucie, R. Fraser (middle row) D. Howard, G. McLean, P. Noyes, F. McQuarrie (front) A. Simpson, manager 

Photo courtesy of Millinocket Historical Society Curator, Trudy Wyman

The Town of Millinocket Events Committee Scholarship Fund

The Millinocket Events Committee Scholarship Fund will award two (2) Stearns High School Students in the Senior Class who exemplify community service, involvement, and dedication to Millinocket. This $500 scholarship is open to any graduating senior who is pursuing traditional secondary education, military service, vocational school or starting a small business. The awardee will be required to submit a receipt of purchase for the Events Committee’s record.

To apply you must submit a short essay (500 words or less) about your dedication and volunteerism in Millinocket. You must also include two (2) letters of endorsement from the following: teacher, mentor, coach, employer, or religious leader.

Applications must be submitted no later than May 1st, 2023. Anything received after this date will not be considered. You may drop your application off at the Town Office to Amber Wheaton, Community Initiatives Director, email it to [email protected] or mail it in:

Town of Millinocket

Amber Wheaton

197 Penobscot Ave.

Millinocket, ME 04462

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The Town of Millinocket has registered with Constant Contact for a new texting feature. This allows further communication from the Town directly to your cell phone. This feature will be used for reminders of meetings, events and safety concerns for the public! We encourage you to sign up here or contact Amber Wheaton, Community Initiatives Director, (207) 447-4100 [email protected] to sign up.

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Millinocket's Spring Spruce Up!

On Saturday, April 22nd, 2023, in honor of Earth Day, various community groups and members gathered downtown at the Millinocket Heritage Plaza. Volunteers gave their time to spruce up Crandall's Park, Michaud Trail, Great Northern Park, Katahdin Pride Park, Veterans' Memorial Park, Millinocket Heritage Plaza, Granite Street School Playground and the Millinocket Memorial Library.

Some activities included picking up trash, raking, sweeping and prepping the garden beds in the Community Garden.

The Town of Millinocket wants to thank Our Katahdin, Thrive Penobscot, the Millinocket Memorial Library, Katahdin Tourism Partnership, Millinocket Elks Lodge 1521, the Katahdin Area Chamber of Commerce, the Millinocket Events Committee and each volunteer for their role in making the Spring Spruce Up a success and for taking pride in their community.

Enjoy the snapshots! Not all who helped were photographed.

Municipal Updates

East Millinocket Police Department

  • We have responded to over 2,400 calls for service so far in 2023
  • We have arrested / summonsed over 150 individuals 
  • We have applied for grant funding & congressional funding options for the construction of a new Public Safety Building, Body Worn Cameras, a TruNarc Drug Testing Device and a Pyramid Vehicle Repeater System for our police cruisers. All these items are critical equipment items but we are trying to find grant funding and other funding sources so we do not burden the tax payers
  • Ofc. Clayton just completed Phase 2 of her Drug Recognition Expert Training. In the coming weeks she will go for her final exam to become certified. Ofc Sallies is just a few weeks away from graduation the MCJA BLETP and we look forward to return
  • We continue to see a very high number of OUI Alcohol & OUI Drug incidents, many involving crashes. EMPD will continue to be aggressive in our enforcement efforts of impaired drivers 
  • We still have two open patrol positions. As with every law enforcement agency in the State, hiring new police officers has proven to be extremely difficult

Chief Cameron McDunnah & Corporal Bradley Fitzgerald

East Millinocket Police Department

Public Works Department:

  • The Crew has begun the annual sweeping season, starting with the main thoroughfares and the Main St part of Penobscot Ave. We will be getting into the neighborhoods soon.
  • We assisted the Water company with a broken shut off on Penobscot Ave.
  • The potholes are keeping us busy as well, the public is encouraged to report anything that they see. If we don’t get to it right away, it’s because that area hasn’t been swept yet and the sweeper can pull the patch out of the holes.
  • We are actively seeking out and repairing any lawn damage caused by our plowing activities over the winter. The public is encouraged to report any of this as well.
  • On going light repairs are being made by the crew on their trucks and equipment while we wait for a new Mechanic.
  • We responded to a concern over the fencing on Granite St bridge and were able to secure the damaged supports on that fencing.

 Transfer Station:

  • This is a reminder that the Millinocket Transfer Site is for waste generated within the town, and those approved unorganized Territories only. Surrounding communities have their own Transfer sites for residents in those towns.
  • Everyone should have their transfer site usage stickers by now, if not, they need to be purchased ASAP.
  • Recycling is being accepted and we are looking for all the cardboard, plastic jugs and tin cans that we can get.


  • The cemetery is drying out nicely and open to foot traffic currently. Vehicle traffic will be allowed as soon as conditions permit.
  • We will be starting our clean-up around May 1st of any faded and windblown decorations from last year. If you have anything you want to keep, please remove it.
  • The cemetery has rules on what decorations are allowed around headstones. They can be viewed on the Town’s website. These are in place for the safety and convenience of the maintenance crew as well as the public.

Bryan Duprey, Public Works Director

Waste Water

  • We would like to remind the residents of Millinocket to please NOT flush wipes, paper towels, grease, plastics, Q-tips or anything other than toilet paper into the sewer system. Even the "flushable" wipes will clog the sewer system. These items are causing extreme plugs to the sewer system and costly maintenance to our pumping stations. We would like to thank the residents for this consideration.

Jason Ingalls,

Wastewater Treatment Facility Superintendent

Community Initiatives

  • Event's Committee meetings are held bi-weekly, please consider joining us April 3rd at 4pm in the Manager's office. Email [email protected] for further information!

Amber Wheaton, Community Initiatives Director

Town Clerks Office

  • Wastewater Bills:
  • April Billing date: 4/27/2023;
  • Due Date: 5/26/2023;
  • Interest Date: 5/29/2023
  • Nomination papers are currently available at the Town Clerk's Office for the following vacancy:
  • Town Council (1) Member for an unexpired term of November 2024
  • Completed nomination papers must be returned to the Clerk's Office by Friday May 5th, 2023, 4PM
  • Special Municipal Election- May 23rd, 2023
  • Municipal and Wastewater Budget: 2nd Public Hearing
  • Thursday, April 27th, 5:30PM held in the Charles Sanders Council Chambers
  • If you wish to attend the meeting via zoom, click the link here.

Diana Lakeman, Town Clerk

EMS and Fire Department

  • On Tuesday April 11th Asst. Chief Cote participated in the career fair at the Millinocket High School. Asst. Chief Cote spoke to students in attendance about Fire & EMS careers, and the operations of the Millinocket Fire Department. 
  •  On Wednesday April 19th Asst. Chief Cote, Firefighter/Paramedic Katie Cullen, and Firefighter/EMT-Basic Aaron Lee provided a station tour to 12 children from the Vacation Camp of Friends of Katahdin Woods & Water. The children were able to tour the station, look at the fire engine and the ambulance, and ask questions to the fire department staff about fire safety and their careers. 

Chief Tom Malcolm & Asst. Fire Chief Jon Cote,

Millinocket Fire and Rescue

April 21st, 2023 Millinocket Fire/EMS took advantage of the beautiful weather and gave the department's vehicles a good scrubbing!

Thank YOU Millinocket Fire/EMS for taking pride in your jobs and community.

"Millinocket Fire and Rescue is always ready to respond!" - Chief Malcolm

The Millinocket School Department sponsored a Career Fair on Tuesday, April 11, 2023, with the help of the following sponsors:

MELMAC grant, Katahdin Region Higher Education Center, Eastern Maine Development Corporation, Stearns Alumni Association, Katahdin Region Development Board, Katahdin Area Chamber of Commerce. The Fair was organized by staff members Sue Buzzell and Kyle Leathers, along with help from others.


We had 32 vendors from a variety of careers participate, giving students an opportunity to learn about careers, apply for jobs and learn about volunteer opportunities in our area.


Along with 188 Stearns students from grades 7-12, 20 students from Schenck High School also participated. The students seemed excited to meet and interact with various career representatives. We also heard feedback from business leaders who voiced their appreciation for the opportunity to network with other business leaders during the event.


The Career Fair was a success and we look forward to continuing to provide this opportunity for area students in the future.

For further details on the event click here.

You may be ready but the ATV trails are not...

Riding on trails before they open can cause significant damage and cause landowners to close trails to all in the future. Do your part to maintain Maine's ATV trails and wait until they are open.

When will the trails open? Conditions around the state are varied and the decision to open trails is managed by the property owner and/or the club or organization who maintains the trail system. Nobody should expect any of the trails to open before May. All signs should have an opening date of May 15 or later. 

Do your part and respect private landowners and ATV clubs by obeying all mud season closure postings.

 Thank you!

Millinocket Economic Development Fellow

The Town of Millinocket has identified that a new terminal building is needed at the Millinocket Municipal Airport. This will serve as an economic driver for Millinocket and the region, supporting a necessary transportation upgrade that will allow for workforce development and will attract new visitors. Growing demand is anticipated for air travel directly to Millinocket and airport improvements are seen as a critical component of continued economic growth that will create resiliency in the region. If this project is successful the region could connect better with outside tourism and trade and would allow for economic growth and potentially attracting talent which increases both workforce, and businesses. The region would partner with other rural communities in creating a shared resource (future commercial flights), continue to offer Life Flights (important for our region’s connectivity to major hospitals), attract new industry, and create an asset that showcases the investment the Town is making in this region’s future. In addition to Millinocket, eight towns including Mt. Chase, Patten, Island Falls, Stacyville, Sherman, Medway, East Millinocket would be served by the airport.


The region will benefit from attaining a Fellow by strengthening our transportation options and airport operations. The Fellow will work closely with the Airport Manager and Sustainability Committee to create a comprehensive land development plan while assisting in the Town’s efforts to increase air traffic, which involves a great deal of relationship building and policy advocacy across a diverse field. Due to the regional nature of our airport and the necessity of strengthened and ongoing communication with statewide and regional leaders and community members, the Fellow’s work will inherently build capacity amongst our regional network. The Fellow’s work will provide a completed land development plan, develop strategies on growing air traffic and build stronger and supportive relationships in the aviation/transportation field.

If this opportunity sounds like a perfect fit for you, or someone you know please visit the Maine Service Fellow website for more information.

You may also reach out to Jake Hurner, [email protected], for further details.

Katahdin Gear Library

The Katahdin Gear Library, along with the Katahdin Learning Project, just wrapped up our April Vacation Camp! We had a wonderful 4 days of outside-based education with 13 first through fourth graders. This is a free program hosted in conjunction with the Millinocket Memorial Library. The next vacation camp will be held in February of 2024.

KGL had our first Michaud Trail Walk at the beginning of April. This will be a recurring program throughout the summer. Check out Millinocket Memorial Library's website or Katahdin Gear Library social media to stay up to date on current and future programs!

Are you ready to get your bike out of the garage or basement and tuned up for spring? Bring your bike by the Katahdin Gear Library for any bike repairs or tune-ups needed before our local trails open up!

Check out their website to learn more about Katahdin Gear Library!

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