April 2019

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2019 Leaders to Learn From Series

As Million Women Mentors embarks on our fifth year in operation, we are excited to build on the progress we have made and share authentic insight into the world of mentoring through our #BeyondtheBuzzword campaign. Part of this work is showcasing the leaders who have paved the way for women across industries and set a true example for girls and women across the globe. We know that leadership comes in many forms and that there are many avenues to success. The  2019 Million Women Mentors Leaders to Learn From series showcases the career paths of STEM leaders who have followed unique pathways to attain their current status. Every month we will celebrate the story of a new trailblazer who beat the odds and define what it means to be a role model. These profiles will celebrate individuals who persevere against convention and remind young people and seasoned veterans alike that there is no longer a "traditional" means to career success.

We are happy to announce this month's leader Monique Rhodes , Director, Communications, Office of the Chief Information Officer , Prudential Financial. Monique's three-step plan to evaluate the next opportunity in her life has been crucial and we are so happy she is willing to share it with our network! Feel free to share this profile with your networks to show women across the globe that there is no longer a 'traditional' model of a successful career. To download the profile please click here or the image below.
MWM 2019 International Women's Day Webinar Recap

On March 8th we heard from an international cross-sector of leaders on why  gender balance  is important to their industry and the economy as a whole, as well as a bit about what efforts are seeing the most impact. Those leaders included men and women from  S&P Global MEMIC Tata Consultancy Services Wells Fargo , the  US-Pakistan Women’s Council , and the Lt. Governor of NV .   Additionally, we celebrated the success of the Million Women Mentors movement and shared specific calls to action we can all take to build on this incredible progress. Thank you all who were able to join us, it was a great webinar!
Join MWM & MENTOR for a 'Corporate STEM Mentoring' Themed Webinar!

April 9 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST

Join Million Women Mentors / STEMconnector and MENTOR for this webinar featuring recommendations for STEM-focused corporate mentoring programs. Based on the latest research from the mentoring field focused on STEM and practitioner input, this webinar will help corporations enhance their STEM-focused mentoring relationships and experiences to maximize impact for both the mentors and mentees. This session will be facilitated by Daniel Horgan, Senior Director of Corporate Engagement at MENTOR. Click here to register.
MWM Twitter Chat to Celebrate Women's History Month

To close out Women’s History Month,  Million Women Mentors  hosted a Twitter Chat in our  #BeyondTheBuzzChat  series on Wednesday, March 27th at 3pm ET. The focus of this Twitter Chat was programs that are making an impact for women and girls in STEM, and all of the research, data, expertise, partnerships, and other factors that lead them to be the most successful and improve over time. Research shows  that at the current rate, it will take over 100 years to close the gender gap in many STEM fields, and even an astounding 280 years for computer science. While many well-intentioned programs are out there for women and girls in STEM, it’s paramount that we measure the impact of these programs and then scale what works in order to change this trajectory. This Twitter Chat is a continuation of MWM’s broader  Beyond The Buzzword campaign , which seeks to move beyond simply supporting STEM’s many buzzwords, and show what it takes to actually do them and make an impact. We are excited to share we had over 1.5M social impressions around the Twitter Chat and for more highlights search #BeyondtheBuzzChat on Twitter! Thank you again to all who participated and we cannot wait for the next one, which will be announced soon!
How FIRST Changed Me for the Better. It Can Change You, Too

In a post by Emily Ralph , Hardware Engineer , Rockwell Automation, she describes how she got connected to FIRST six years ago and how being a MENTOR has changed her life for the better. "Sometimes you just know there’s something you’re meant to do.I’m a mechanical engineer. When I transferred cities I was looking for a way to connect locally, and was invited to a  FIRST  meeting at a local high school. That was six years ago. Since that evening, I have spent a shocking number of hours mentoring the FIRST teams. Have I changed them? Maybe. Have they changed me, made me a better engineer? Definitely. Without mentors many kids on these teams will succeed – but many will not. As mentors, we might be the first professionals – engineers, builders and designers – in their lives. As much role model as mentor, sometimes we’re silent on the sidelines and other times we’re in the middle of the fray, cheering louder than anyone in the stands." To read the rest of the article please click here.
'Workplace Mentoring' Themed Webinar

Tuesday, April 30 2019, 2:00PM – 3:00PM EDT

With support from JPMorgan Chase , MENTOR is working on a supplement to the Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring™ focused on workplace mentoring initiatives. This webinar will provide a sneak peek at the latest research findings on this topic as well as tangible tips for strengthening workplace mentoring practices. The session will be moderated by Daniel Horgan , Senior Director of Corporate Engagement at MENTOR and include Mike Garringer, Director of Research and Evaluation at MENTOR. Click here to register.
During the National Women's History Month, Susan Lewis , Helena Horsman and Catherine Thompson from Deloitte in Tennessee (pictured below) conducted a session at the Women's and Gender Studies Conference at Middle Tennessee State University. This session included representatives of MWM-TN Lisa Reaney and Dr. Judith  Iriarte-Gross as well. A lunch session was held where the young women attending heard stories about the women and their careers in STEM and then interacted with the women to learn more. The conference was also supported by American Association of University Women, College of Behavioral and Health Sciences, College of Liberal Arts, College of Media and Entertainment, Department of Communication Studies, Distinguished Lecture Fund, International Affairs, MT Generation Action, MT Lambda, MT Student Sociologists, National Women’s History Month, Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance, President’s Commission on the Status of Women, Virginia Peck Fund, and Women’s and Gender Studies.   
Trailblazers Workshop
May 10 2019, 9:00AM – 6:00PM
City Market Social House, 1145 South San Pedro Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Discount on Registration:  Millionmentors$250 to receive a $250 discount

Join Aspire’s Founder, Dr. Sam Collins for the first Trailblazers workshop in Los Angeles to lead and make a difference in your life, work and world.Dr Sam Collins is a leading global voice on leadership and equality, a social entrepreneur, speaker and author. She has worked with individuals, global corporations, government and not-for-profits over the past 20 years and has contributed to CNN, The Huffington Post, The Guardian , The Sunday Times and the BBC. Originally from the UK and passionate about pioneering change, family and life balance, Sam now lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three children. For more information about Aspire and this event please click here.

PA STEM Girls on the Hill

On February 19th, MWM-PA participated in STEM Girls on the Hill. 30 high school young ladies from South Central PA came to Harrisburg for a day of advocacy and mentoring around Women and Girls in STEM. Representative Patty Kim hosted the event and she and Rep. Carol Hill-Evans spoke to, and answered questions from the girls over lunch. In addition, the girls were able to get a picture with Representative Patty Kim on the House floor.

In Depth: MWM as Heard on 92.1 KRLS

On March 20th on 92.1 KRLS radio Teri Vos from Vermeer spoke about h ow are some local women mentoring young women and girls in Iowa. Thank you so much Teri for getting on the radio and speaking about MWM! To listen to her interview please click here.

Astronaut Speaks at Panel Focusing on Women in STEM Fields

On March 12, Former NASA astronaut Nicole Stott took part in a panel focusing on women in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
"I think especially young women need to understand that, that there are challenging things out there, you got to go for it, but don't second-guess yourself," Stott said.
The event was hosted by News 12 Long Island's Carol Silva and held at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City. For more information please click here and below is an extended interview with Stott from the event!

Young Women Make Career Connections at the Women Changing the Face of Agriculture Event

On March 12, the WCFA event organized by the Illinois Agri-Women and focused on connecting female students to career opportunities in the agricultural industry, celebrated its 10th year during the program held at Richland Community College. Seven ladies who have attended WCFA in the past and are now on their career paths, including Fruhling, where selected to be in a Full Circle Initiative which includes a banner program that features their picture. “The idea is for the ladies to display their banner at their work location to initiate discussion about what WCFA is and how companies are involved and support the program,” explained Penny Lauritzen, an IAW member who was instrumental in developing WCFA. To read more about the Illinois Agri-Women and the Women Changing the Face of Agriculture Event please click here.

STEMposium 2019

Regional educators have a message for girls in public schools — science and technology aren’t just for boys Insight Training & Educational Center, Inc. along with East Tennessee State University hosted this year’s 5th Annual “STEMposium” for Girls Thursday morning, March 21st, giving students from across Northeast Tennessee an opportunity to engage in various hands-on science, technology, engineering and math activities. This group has featured Million Women Mentors of TN for the past few years. The event gave approximately 90 students ages 12-18 a chance to complete activities in fields including robotics, pharmacy tech, biomedical studies, graphic design, digital media and mathematics, just to name a few. “We’ve been doing this event for five years now,” Insight Training and Educational Center CEO Mike Cummings said. “They do things they would not normally do outside their curriculum as 12-18-year-olds at the school. Some of the things are a little more advanced, but we know the kids can handle it. “They absolutely enjoy it because it stimulates them to learn more. It’s ‘hands-on, minds-on.’” For more information about the event please click here.
It is Time to Get Your Numbers in For ‘Be Counted!’ 2019
As we begin 2019, it is important you start thinking about our   Million Women Mentors ‘Be Counted!’ Campaign , an effort to record all of the mentoring of girls and women in STEM that is happening already for 2019! We know companies, organizations, and individuals are working to move the needle for girls in STEM currently, and now we just need to count it!
Now you can easily record the mentoring you are doing just by clicking on the Be Counted! button after logging into the website. After logging in, just fill out the information about the mentoring you have done, and voila! You will be counted!
Please help spread the word about this campaign and get all of the mentoring counted!  If you would like the Be Counted! Campaign Cheat Sheet click here . As well, the link to share out for our google form can be accessed by   clicking here.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact  Alexa.Gitler@stemconnector.com .
New MWM Portal Feature: Aids Communication by Company's Volunteer Mentors

We continue to work to make the MWM portal more useful to organizations that are managing mentoring projects involving their affiliates. One request from a state MWM team asked if we could make it easier for the volunteer mentor to send a message to the mentoring manager of the company.

In response, we have now implemented a feature where an affiliate of an organization or company that has registered as a volunteer mentor can send a note to the person managing the organization's mentor account on the MWM portal. This will allow the company to quickly organize all of the messages from its volunteer mentors. (Note that this new feature does not send any message to the non-profit organization with the mentees.)
If you log in as an individual mentor who is attached to an organization, you should see "See a Note to your Organization" in the upper right corner of the menu.
Click on this allows the mentor to send a note to her/his organization. The organization's mentoring contact will receive an email, and the organization's account will also receive a notification.
When the manager of the organization's MWM account logs in, she/he will see notification of the new note in the green bar at top and a link for "Affiliate Contact Report" in the upper right corner where you can download all notes as a spreadsheet.
MWM State of the States 2018-2019

The report provides an overview of the movement and features a page on each state involved. The state pages detail events and initiatives within that state over the past year, commitments and pledges to mentor, and plans for the coming year, and provides information on that state's leadership structure and partner organizations. It's a chance to celebrate progress, share best-practices and scalable models of success, and dive deeper into the daily workings of this vast volunteer movement. 

To download the report please click here.