June 2019

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2019 Leaders to Learn From Series

As Million Women Mentors embarks on our fifth year in operation, we are excited to build on the progress we have made and share authentic insight into the world of mentoring through our #BeyondtheBuzzword campaign. Part of this work is showcasing the leaders who have paved the way for women across industries and set a true example for girls and women across the globe. We know that leadership comes in many forms and that there are many avenues to success. The  2019 Million Women Mentors Leaders to Learn From series showcases the career paths of STEM leaders who have followed unique pathways to attain their current status. Every month we will celebrate the story of a new trailblazer who beat the odds and define what it means to be a role model. These profiles will celebrate individuals who persevere against convention and remind young people and seasoned veterans alike that there is no longer a "traditional" means to career success.

We are happy to announce this month's leader Yamilée Toussaint Beach , Founder & CEO , STEM For Dance. We are very excited to have feature Yamilée and the STEM For Dance organization and the great work they are doing to empower young women! Feel free to share this profile with your networks to show women across the globe that there is no longer a 'traditional' model of a successful career. To download the profile please click here or the image below.
AACC Announces Request for MentorLinks Colleges
and Mentor Applications

The MentorLinks: Advancing Technological Education program, supported by the   National Science Foundation  is designed to help colleges develop or strengthen technician training programs in STEM fields through mentoring, professional development opportunities, and technical assistance; to establish connections for colleges to identify new ideas and relationships through networking opportunities at program meetings and Advanced Technological Education (ATE) National Conferences; and to help colleges gain insight about support for building and sustaining new programs.

Request for Proposals: MentorLinks Colleges
Deadline: Friday, June 7, 2019
To submit your MentorLinks College proposal, please  click here .
The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) is pleased to announce a national grant competition for the MentorLinks: Advancing Technological Education program, developed with the support of the National Science Foundation. MentorLinks is designed for community colleges seeking to improve technician education programs in the science, technology, engineering, or mathematics fields. Colleges should be interested in working with an experienced community college mentor who has successfully planned and implemented a major change in a high-technology program.
MentorLinks colleges will receive $20,000 for the 2-year grant period and travel support for the project director to attend three project meetings. The grant’s primary emphasis is on valuable networking, and rich opportunities for technical assistance and professional development. The grant period runs October 1, 2019–November 30, 2021.

Request for Mentor Applications
Deadline: Friday, June 7, 2019
To submit your Mentor Application, please  click here .
AACC is pleased to announce a national call for applications for the MentorLinks: Advancing Technological Education program, developed with the support of the National Science Foundation. AACC seeks applications from 2-year college professionals who are interested in serving as mentors to work with a college whose faculty and administration want to develop or strengthen a certificate or degree program for technicians in a science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics field. MentorLinks colleges will be selected in a separate request for proposal process and assigned to a mentor. Up to ten institutions will be selected as MentorLinks colleges and up to ten individual mentors will be named to the MentorLinks Mentor Team for a 2-year grant period beginning October 1, 2019, and ending November 30, 2021. Mentors will receive an honorarium and travel support to attend a mentor training and orientation meeting, three national project meetings, and to conduct college site visits.
Mentoring Youth Impacted By Opioids

Thursday, June 20 2019, 1:00PM – 2:15PM EDT

This webinar will focus on the role of mentoring in supporting youth impacted by opioids. Presenters will discuss different risk and protective factors for substance use and misuse, and mentoring strategies and best practices for working with youth and families who are either at high risk for using (i.e. presence of individual, family, and community risk factors for substance abuse), currently using, or in recovery from opioid and/or substance abuse. This webinar will feature the perspectives of both clinical and mentoring practitioners. Click here to reg ister.
BP Named to MENTOR's National Corporate Mentoring Honor Roll

We are congratulate BP on this accomplishment and all of the great work they do! For more information about their STEM education program and their work with MWM please click here. In 2018, MENTOR re-launched a recognition initiative called the National Corporate Mentoring Honor Roll, formerly known as the Corporate Mentoring Challenge Honor Roll. The challenge was launched by First Lady Michelle Obama in 2011 and has evolved to reflect the totality of companies stepping up to place mentoring at the center of their social responsibility and talent work. The Honor Roll reflects broad-based support for mentoring, and companies supporting quality mentoring in any way are eligible and encouraged to register. Honor Roll companies know that mentoring is a key strategy to connecting youth to social and economic opportunities while building a strong 21st century workforce. And most importantly, they walk the walk. For more information about the Honor Roll please click here.
2019 Science Olympiad National Tournament

The  Science Olympiad National Tournament  is the pinnacle of achievement for 120 of the country's best Science Olympiad teams, representing more than 2,000 students. The 35th Annual Science Olympiad National Tournament will be hosted on May 31-June 1, 2019, by Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. On the  Cornell 2019 Science Olympiad National Tournament  website, you'll find information about events like Disease Detectives, Dynamic Planet, Protein Modeling, Forensics, Boomilever and everything you need to plan your team trip to New York, including event schedules, trial events, banquet and ceremony info. Document your journey to Cornell using the Twitter handles and hashtags: #SO2019Cornell @SOAlumniNetwork. For more information about one of MWM's great partners 2019 National Tournament please click here.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is everywhere. It is more important than ever that young people are engaged with and interested in STEM programs. Looking for a way to combine innovation, creativity, critical thinking and real-world problems, InventSTEM was conceptualized in partnership with Alliant Energy . Youth teams will work with a club leader, teacher or adult mentor to come up with a solution for a specific theme. The theme for the pilot year will be wind energy. Youth will first learn about wind energy through specific educational activities. Next, they will work together as a team to come up with a solution to a given question or problem. The end goal is for each group to submit a two-dimensional drawing with descriptions or a hand-built prototype of their solution. Dr. Sara Nelson, 4-H STEM lead, says InventSTEM is like bringing the science center out to students, drawing on research-based information and aligning with industry partners to explore real-world problems and solutions. Alliant Energy employees will help provide feedback and guidance in setting up the educational activities and challenge questions. There are also literacy, communication, and career exploration and development components of the program, offering a robust experience for participants.  InventSTEM is designed to be youth-driven and is focused on helping youth think about real-world problems. Dr. Nelson and the InventSTEM team hope to expand the curriculum and build communities around STEM education while developing new partnerships with the 4-H Program.  For more information please click here.
Chick-fil-A True Inspiration Awards

Each year, the Chick-fil-A Foundation grants more than $1 million to at least 22 non-profit organizations across the country who are helping children become all they can be and we’d like to invite you to  apply for a 2020 True Inspiration Award . Applications are open through July 15, 2019.     
Additional resources for you:
  • To see the types of organizations that won an award for 2019, visit the True Inspiration Awards page on the Chick-fil-A Foundation website.
  • A timeline for applications and processing is attached for your review.
Please ensure you register as a US Based nonprofit. Thank you for all that you do to invest in and inspire our future leaders. For more information about the awards please click here.

Introduction to the Chicago Women in STEM Initiative's Blog!

Are you looking to meet fellow supportive women in STEM fields within the Chicago area? If so, you are in the right place. Welcome to the Chicago Women in STEM Initiative! Here you will find information about our mission, our future goals, and ongoing events.
But who are “we”? “We” is me and you, all the women (and men) that share the goal of equal opportunity in our society, and especially in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (if you wondered what STEM stands for). Although “we” share the same values, “we” are all very different, “we” are the collective of all our members. The purpose of this blog is to highlight and celebrate the amazing people who make up the Chicago Women in STEM Initiative by sharing their stories and achievements. We hope our stories will serve as a motivation for women and girls considering STEM fields as a career, but also as a reminder to the women out there, that you are not alone. We hope to emphasize the importance of following one’s dreams no matter the gender barrier. As a collective group we can help pave the road for generations of women to come so that one day there will be equal representation of men and women in STEM. If you are interested please click here. This features the MWM-IL state chair, Science Olympiad's executive director Jenny Kopach .

Sign Up for the Million Women Mentors - Texas Monthly Newsletter

Every month Texas does a great job of curating their own newsletter of all the wonderful opportunities going on in Texas, see below. If you are interested in signing up for this newsletter to learn about what is going on and get ideas for your own state please click here!!

WomEngineers Day Makes Successful 2019 Return

WomEngineers Day  returned to UT for its third installment on Saturday April 13th, bringing together students, speakers, and invited guests for a day meant to help engineering students of all genders with issues such as leadership, inclusion, and work-life balance. “It was great to see all the people come out for this year’s event,” said Jess Ossyra, who helped plan and coordinate the conference. “We had a lot of interesting and important discussions, ones that should continue beyond the scope of just this particular gathering.” The conference—one of the first major events in the newly-opened Student Union—kicked off with a breakfast and opening remarks from Tickle College of Engineering Interim Dean Mark Dean and included workshops, several networking opportunities, panel discussions, and three breakout sessions. More than 200 people attended. For more information please click here.

MWM-ME Names New Honorary Chair

The Honorable Janet Mills , Governor of Maine has accepted the position of Honorary Chair of MWM-ME. MWM-ME State Chair, Catherine Lamson and her committee member Eileen Fongemie were able to meet the Maine’s Governor to introduce the MWM movement to her and her staff. The Governor was very inquisitive about the movement and the connections being made in Maine and she was quick to make suggestions of new women to add to the Maine network. MWM-ME was started and is headed by MEMIC , who has been working to expand the work in the state. MEMIC has been a success story for MWM that provides a scalable model for how corporate leaders can work to impact change locally, on the ground, in their state at networking events and school STEM nights.  Catherine Lamson also remarked that MEMIC ’s own business operations require information technology, accounting and actuarial expertise to produce a profit for the policyholders of the mutual insurance company as well as bring new products and services to market. “Gratefully, we have women leaders at MEMIC in IT, underwriting, claims and finance who are perfect role models for a successful career in STEM-related occupations.” With the new support of Governor Mills, the Maine Chapter is expected to expand its impact.
It is Time to Get Your Numbers in For ‘Be Counted!’ 2019
As we begin 2019, it is important you start thinking about our   Million Women Mentors ‘Be Counted!’ Campaign , an effort to record all of the mentoring of girls and women in STEM that is happening already for 2019! We know companies, organizations, and individuals are working to move the needle for girls in STEM currently, and now we just need to count it!
Now you can easily record the mentoring you are doing just by clicking on the Be Counted! button after logging into the website. After logging in, just fill out the information about the mentoring you have done, and voila! You will be counted!
Please help spread the word about this campaign and get all of the mentoring counted!  If you would like the Be Counted! Campaign Cheat Sheet click here . As well, the link to share out for our Google form can be accessed by   clicking here.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact  Alexa.Gitler@stemconnector.com .
New MWM Portal Feature: Mentoring Opportunities Page for Your Organization

We have now created a new way to direct your employees to the mentoring opportunities that mean the most to your organization and to them! This link will send them directly to a web page that is branded with your company's logo and that will let your employees enter her/his zip code to view full details of mentoring opportunities nearby. This page will also automatically place your organization's preferred mentoring opportunities at the top of the list. From here your employees can easily volunteer for any of the mentoring opportunities in the selected area!
This is available to companies that have a mentor organization account on the MWM portal. The URL is in the form www.millionwomenmentors.com/organization/PIN/find_mentoring_opportunity where PIN is your organization's PIN number, available by logging in and selecting "Account" in the top-right menu.
Email  support@millionwomenmentors.com  for questions or comments!
MWM State of the States 2018-2019

The report provides an overview of the movement and features a page on each state involved. The state pages detail events and initiatives within that state over the past year, commitments and pledges to mentor, and plans for the coming year, and provides information on that state's leadership structure and partner organizations. It's a chance to celebrate progress, share best-practices and scalable models of success, and dive deeper into the daily workings of this vast volunteer movement. 

To download the report please click here.