January 1st through March 31st Open:
Sat. 11 - 7 pm
Sunday 11 - 6 pm  
(Winter hours Sundays always Free 5-wine Tasting!)

April 1st through December 31st Open:
Thursday 11 - 7
Fri. & Sat. 11 - 8
Sunday 11 - 6

 The Best Vineyard & Winery Tours in Minnesota!
Millner Heritage Winery

32025 MN Hwy 15
Kimball, MN 55353

12/31/15       2:30 pm

     Good Afternoon and Happy New Year's

          The answer to the question of what classic game we were playing is as most everyone got right.....

  and the winner of a free bottle of wine is Amber Perusse.

Now if you didn't win, don't feel badly.  Starting this Sunday everyone can win.  During January through March every Sunday we are having free 5-wine tasting.

       You know when you get older you have to sometimes give into the idea of delegating jobs.  On Monday Mary and I are leaving for about 3 weeks to visit our oldest son and family at Houston Texas.  During this time I am delegating the newsletter writing to our employee Andrea Stowe.  In a little bit of time she has gotten very involved at the winery.  She has taken over most of the wedding interviews and is ready to bring on-line a new copy of our webpage, plus whole-sale wine distribution and more.  Please make her very welcome on her writing.  I hope she will also tell something of herself so you know her as a person.  She is very interested in the MN wine industry, currently taking formal classes also.  

1. January 24th the 
"Wine and Spring
Fashion Discovery"
(Details to Follow.)

2.  February 14th, 
"Valentines at Millner Heritage"
 12:30 buffet meal, Live Music, Wine, and Love is in the Air!!  (Details to follow.)
New Hours Janurary through March.

January through March we will now be open 
Saturday 11   - 7 pm and Sunday 11 - 6 pm.

And more, every Sunday we will have Free 5-wine Tasting for everyone.

Tis the season to be bottling.

     This is the first time it has happened, Jon is already hot on bottling before first of the year.   You know there are tours which getting a look at the behind the scenes,  this is being the behind the scenes.  If you'd like to be a bottling volunteer for a four hour shift and have a fun time now is the time to sign up.  

     If you'd like to join us on bottling email to  annamariamillner@gmail.com
Include your name, number of volunteers in your group, and dates available and a good return phone number, very important!
 Photo of the Week 

Do you recognize this young girl?  We have a famous wine named after her.  What is her name?


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