Milly's Monday METCO Message

December 9, 2019
Summer scholarship opportunity for high schoolers
The Island School is a transformative summer-abroad opportunity on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas. High-school sophomore and junior boys and girls from around the world come together for 30 days to learn in the laboratory of the ocean. And, in the third year of our partnership, the Island School is offering  TWO $10,000 SCHOLARSHIPS exclusively to METCO participants! The application deadline is January 15, so download the flyer and pass it on to your high schoolers. They can also apply at
Opportunities for alumni to connect and give back
SCI AmeriCorps Volunteer Outreach Coordinator Ruth James has been connecting with METCO alumni from many districts and many generations, helping to draw more of the tens of thousands of adults who have participated in the program into a community that gives back to today's students. Shout out to Andrew Nyamekye in Concord/Carlisle and Akil Mondesir in Bedford (right) for meeting with Ruth to discuss alumni programs that already exist and to understand how alumni volunteers would best be able to contribute to current programming. Some of the opportunities we're promoting:
  • Serve as Big Brothers and Big Sisters for enrolled METCO students aged 7-12 (above). Know anyone who would love a Little Brother or Little Sister?
  • An Alumni Advisory Board to mobilize their former classmates, organize events, help districts find alumni to speak and support, and provide guidance for Headquarters.
  • An Alumni Skills Survey to discover new ways the METCO community can partner with districts, help students succeed, and advocate for educational equity all over the country
  • Just connect through our website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn and stay engaged!
Know any alumni who want to stay in touch? Reach out to Ruth today!
JUST ADDED: METCO Presents "Aretha" concert
You and your entire school community are invited to witness Boston Arts Academy vocalists, instrumentalists, dancers, actors, filmmakers, fashion designers, and visual artists celebrate Aretha Franklin’s impact on R&B and Gospel music, as well as her social activism. Thanks to the generous support of BASI/Outside the Box Act 2, come see how BAA students interpret this 20th century cultural icon for only $5!
METCO Directors Conference: Feeding the soul
Congratulations to our friends at the METCO Directors Association, whose 35th annual conference for educators was another resounding success. Several members of the HQ team were able to attend and we're all talking about it today. From a killer keynote by Dr. Christopher Emdin to powerful breakout sessions including a panel of women superintendents, the content was world-class. And of course the mingling with the more than 600 participants was great too. This year's co-chairs, Claire Jones (METCO Director in Sharon) and Dr. Joanne Allen-Willoughby (METCO Director in Needham), continued the tradition of providing professional development uniquely tailored to districts that serve children of color.