Milly's Monday METCO Message

November 25, 2019
WGBH showcases METCO on education episode
Milly was honored to be invited to join last week's episode of Basic Black, the longest-running public television program focusing on the interests of people of color. Host Callie Crossley discussed Boston education equity with new Boston Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Brenda Cassellius ( right), Black Educators' Alliance President Edith Bazile, and journalist Phillip Martin. Topics included the nearly official new school funding bill for Massachusetts, the root causes of school segregation, and the ways that bias and discrimination show up in statistics about academic rigor and special education assignments. Milly argued for the value of integration in and of itself, for children of color and white children alike, saying. "These friendships that are being formed in these classrooms, these conversations that are hatching when you are learning from someone that looks different than you, you can't learn that from the textbooks."
METCO research project impresses Shah Foundation
Tufts Professor Elizabeth Setren (left, far right) and Milly met with members of the Shah Family Foundation, including President Jill Shah (right) and Executive Director Ross Wilson, to share an overview of the intensive METCO research that Professor Setren is undertaking. Using the most comprehensive data set ever assembled for the METCO program, the research will look at the short- and long-term impact of the program on both urban and suburban students. When complete, these analyses will help all of us —school districts and Headquarters alike—guide our decision-making and target resources where they are needed most.
Application outreach with Boston School Finder
The campaign to spread the word about METCO's new application system continues with extra energy thanks to our partnership with Boston School Finder. Their How To Apply to the METCO Program page is live, and last week another 15,000 people received a reminder about METCO's application window. They also learned about a new incentive for families: an early Verification Deadline of December 8. Since any incomplete applications on January 3 will not be included in the lottery and will not be referred to a district, we're encouraging people to complete their applications earlier to give our team time to check that all the documents are legible and correct. The push has been included in Boston School Finder's newsletter, as well as on social media. With close to 800 applications drafted, we're well on our way!
Lexington school named National Blue Ribbon School
METCO partner Harrington Elementary School in Lexington was honored as a National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S Department of Education this year! The award, given to only six schools in Massachusetts, recognizes the exemplary student achievement, leadership, and culture at Harrington, including strides made closing any achievement gaps among student groups. We are especially proud of Harrington Principal Jackie Daley (second from left), who is a member of METCO, Inc.'s Board of Directors, along with Dr. Julie Hackett, Lexington's superintendent (far right). Also beaming in the photo are Sara Lamb , 5th grade teacher (second from right), and Aba Kumi , Director of the National Blue Ribbon Program (far left). The Harrington community will celebrate and display their plaque at an awards ceremony on December 13th.
Wayland METCO staff meet Professor Cornel West
Wayland METCO staff Dr. Tony Laing, Latoya Downes, JaNae Hood, and Mark Liddell (with MassArt alumna Sheena Quintyne) were among the hundreds who packed Tower Auditorium at Mass College of Art last week to listen to celebrated scholar and author Dr. Cornel West deliver the annual Tyrone Maurice Adderley Lecture. The provocative insights will inform their work with peers and students every day!