Tuesday, March 24, 2020
Milt's Meals, Seders-To-Go, Upcoming Events, and Ways to Connect Online
Please continue to check your emails from ASBI and visit asbi.org/updates for all of the most current information. 
Milt's Meals for ASBI Members
Thanks to a generous anonymous donor, ASBI will be offering 50 free Milt's BBQ dinners per day, this Thursday and Friday and next Thursday and Friday. This offer is open to ASBI Members only. Please only sign up once so we can offer meals to as many of our members as possible. Sign-up for next Thursday and Friday will open next week - stay tuned!


REQUEST MEALS FOR FRIDAY, MARCH 27 (due by 5:00 PM tomorrow)
Seders-To-Go: Orders Due This Thursday at Noon!
We are pleased to be able to offer Seders-To-Go for ASBI Member families and individuals. Order your seder meals and a variety of add-ons at cost or for a special subsidized rate.

Place your order at asbi.org/form/seder-order by 12:00 noon on Thursday, March 26. Late orders cannot be accepted.

If you would like to help cover the cost of Seders-To-Go for our community, sponsorship opportunities are available. Visit asbi.org/donate and select "Seders-To-Go Sponsorship" to participate.
Contribute to the ASBI Seder Companion
Since we can't host large, hospitable seders this year, we are creating an ASBI Seder Companion to bring the voices of our fellow ASBI community members into our seders. We hope to create a document full of short insights that members can open up and read at the seder night. We are asking everyone to submit short entries (ranging from 1 sentence to 100 words) on various parts of the Haggadah.

Sign up on this form to tell us what you plan to submit, so that we can be sure to have a full haggadah's worth of submissions and voices!

Questions? Contact Rabbanit Sarna ( Rabbanit@asbi.org ) or Daniela Garzon ( dgarzon91@gmail.com ).
Upcoming Events
Tuesday Night Tehillim Gathering
Tuesday, March 24, at 7:45 PM
In times like these it is more essential than ever that we come together to raise up our voices in prayer. You can find a list of Psalms for the Tehillim Zoom gathering here. Join via Zoom.

Virtual Seder Summit
Tuesday, March 24, 8:00 PM
Join Rabbi Wolkenfeld to prepare for your seders.​​ Join via Zoom.

Young Professionals Online Game Night
Wednesday, March 25, 6:30 PM
ASBI YPs - Join us for a fun evening of online board games! We’ll be playing Fibbage and Quiplash from 6:30 - 7:30. Join the party via Zoom.

929: Unsung Heroes of Tanakh
“Devorah, Nurse of Rivka/Rebecca”
with Sarah Palmer & Rabbi David Russo
Wednesday, March 25, 7:30 PM
Unsung Heroes of Tanakh will explore three oft-overlooked characters whose impact was greater than we typically give them credit for. Each co-taught class will offer unique perspectives from two teachers. In partnership with 929 (929.org.il) and Anshe Emet Synagogue.

Join us via Zoom at https://zoom.us/j/828681150
(Meeting ID: 828 681 150)

Mental Health Space for Parents
Wednesday, March 25, 9:00 PM
All parents are invited for an opportunity to discuss daily challenges you are facing, facilitated by Amy Pappas, LCSW. Amy Pappas is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has been working with children, teenagers, and families for all of her career. Learn more about Amy at amypappaslcsw.com. Whether or not you can join, Amy has compiled some resources for parents: click here. Join via Zoom.

Zoom Hallel led by David Eisenstein
Thursday, March 26, 7:30 AM
Celebrate the Month of Redemption by singing Hallel as a community over Zoom. Please recite Shacharit prayers for Rosh Chodesh prior to joining the Zoom call at 7:30 AM.  Join via Zoom.

YP Virtual Happy Hour
Thursday, March 26, 6:00 – 7:15 PM 
Join the ASBI YPs on Zoom as we celebrate the end of the work week. Bring your own beverage! Join via Zoom.

Pesach Q&A with Rabbi Wolkenfeld
Thursday, March 26, 8:00 PM
Need help preparing for Pesach? Join Rabbi Wolkenfeld for a Pesach Q&A via Zoom.

Virtual Daily Mishnah Learning
Monday - Friday at 7:30 AM and Sunday at 8:30 AM
Thursday, March 26, at 8:15 AM
Everyone is invited to join Rabbi Wolkenfeld to learn Mishnayot. We will be learning the Mishnayot of Tractate Shabbat, found here. This learning is designed specifically for those who are missing Kaddish due to the cancellation of our Minyanim. The learning will be dedicated to the memory of all the Yahrtzeits in our shul as well as all the people on our daily Kaddish list. Participants will be invited to share names of anyone they are mourning, remembering, or davening for through our joint learning. Join via Zoom.
Resources to Prepare for Pesach

  • Read the 5780 Passover Laws and Customs document, updated this year to reflect our inability to gather in shul, and including detailed instructions for how to kasher pots and utensils at home in lieu of the Boilathons typically held at shul.

All Pesach resources can be found at asbi.org/Pesach .
Building ASBI Community Connections
To continue to encourage the strong bonds of community, ASBI will connect people who may be interested in being in touch on a regular basis. The goal will be to ensure that social networks are available to everyone in the shul, so that the warmth of our community enters everyone’s homes even during these isolating times.

There are all kinds of groups you can join including: First-Time Pesach Makers; Medical Professionals Who Want to Commiserate; Foodies/Cooking/Grocery Shopping for Ourselves; Jewish Learning; Block Clubs; Parents of Newborns; and More!

To sign up, click here.
Resources for Parents with Preschoolers at Home from Tara Holden
If you are interested in receiving a few ideas daily that can be done at home with preschoolers please fill out the google form here. My goal will be to send this out each morning and to vary the types of activities. Hope this helps keep the little ones engaged and entertained a bit while staying home.
Stay Connected with ASBI Online
ASBI on Facebook
Please keep an eye on our Facebook page ( facebook.com/asbichicago) for ways to check in and stay connected

Pocket Beit Midrash
Short audio shiurim will be distributed throughout the week at asbi.org/pocket-beit-midrash.

The Straw Hat Podcast
Catch up on previous episodes at asbi.org/podcast!

ASBI's YouTube Page
Check out videos from past ASBI shiurim you may have missed on ASBI's YouTube Channel!
Resources for Support
If you are experiencing increased symptoms of anxiety or depression and would like a confidential referral to a mental health professional at this time you can contact the following ASBI Members:

Mental Health Coping Strategies, from Sharon Jedel PsyD
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused an abrupt and radical change in our daily lifestyles. Many people are experiencing significant anxiety about all of the uncertainty regarding our health and safety. There is also a huge amount of information being disseminated online. I wanted to recommend THIS LINK, from the CDC website, regarding mental health and coping during Covid-19. In addition to general information about mental health and coping strategies, there is specific information for parents, responders, and people who have been released from quarantine.