Voters to Question Madison School Board Candidates
SSFP managing editor, Taylor Kilgore will moderate a candidate forum on Tuesday, March 6, at Mt. Zion Baptist Church on Madison’s south side. Three candidates for Madison School Board will attend the forum, which is sponsored by The Capital Times . Terri Strong, President of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Madison Alumnae Chapter, will co-facilitate the forum. Gloria Reyes and Anna Moffit, candidates for Madison School Board seat 1, will answer questions from the moderators and from the public. Mary Burke, an incumbent running unopposed for seat 2, will also attend the forum. [Read More]
SSFP Columnist Wins Prestigious Award for Literature
Kadjata Bah recently won a 2018 Scholastic Gold Key Award. Kadjata is a 7th grade student at O’Keeffe Middle School and a staff writer at SSFP. This year, students from around the country submitted nearly 350,000 works of art and writing to the Scholastic Awards. Submissions were juried by luminaries in the visual and literary arts . Panelists look for works that best exemplify originality, technical skill, and the emergence of a personal voice or vision. Kadjata’s award-winning opinion piece examines books aimed at young readers and diversity in literature.
Student Reporters Launch
New Investigative Series
Science of Wisconsin’s Environment” demonstrates the power of extended-day, project-based learning. Middle school writers focus on the natural resources of our state and champion science education. High school and college-age editors assist younger peers. Students transfer newsroom confidence to the classroom. Overall school performance is measured across six sequential semesters. This plan fosters active, engaged, literate stewards of Wisconsin’s environment. [Read More]
More Children Test Positive for Lead, Milwaukee Confronts Public Health Crisis

by Sylvan Bachhuber, age 17
Controversy and concern over lead pipes and safe drinking water is exploding in Milwaukee. New reports in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel show city leaders knew about the situation at least three years ago and delayed taking action. Now citizens and a concerned public are calling lead contamination in the city a “public health crisis.” [Read More]
Wisconsin Looks to Revive State's Youth Conservation Corps

by Cristian Cruz, age 15
The Wisconsin Conservation Corps was a work program aimed at helping public or tribal lands in the state. The program employed more than 11,000 young people during a 20-year run, until it ended. It was eliminated in 2003 by Democratic Governor Jim Doyle and GOP lawmakers due to a 3.2 million dollar budget deficit faced by the state.
Madison Meets Water Goals for 2017

by Eva Stouffer, age 13
In 1998, the aquifer (a reservoir of water located deep underground) under the Madison area dropped to 130 feet, an all-time low since when experts began monitoring water levels in the 1930’s. This worried many experts. [Read More]
SSFP Students and Nature Conservancy Schedule Science Forum for March 22

Lots of background work by student reporters kindles new "Science of Wisconsin's Environment" features. Ongoing discussions with local experts and scientists continue this month at SSFP. Staff from The Nature Conservancy meet with students at our South Towne newsroom on March 22 at 5:30. The Nature Conservancy's mission includes preserving "the land and waters on which all life depends." Dane County kids and parents are welcome. Please call us at (608)223-0489 or email us at to RSVP.
Alien Landscapes
on a Lunar Surface

by Vanessa Carrillo, age 10, Glendale Free Press

June 20, 1969 was a memorable day for all humans as the U.S. Apollo 11 mission achieved what many thought was impossible and landed on the Moon. What was most remarkable about this achievement was not the 239,000 mile distance between the Earth and the Moon that Apollo traveled but instead what the Apollo astronauts found once they arrived on the Moon. [Read More]
Is 'The Age of Timber' Upon Us?

Felicia Zheng, age 13

Many people in the engineering industries consider wood a weak material and do not perceive it as a viable option for a skyscraper. Architects at Perkins + Will and engineers at Thornton Tomasetti are working together to challenge this belief, however. Partnering with Cambridge University, the team is currently exploring the possibility of multi-story wood buildings. [Read More]
Laser Technology Helps Planes Avoid Danger in the Sky

by Moises Hernandez, age 13, Badger Rock Free Press

Nothing is as frightening on a plane as turbulence. It is estimated that in early 2018, a Boeing 777 will fly with a laser coming out of its nose; the laser is part of a new system that Boeing hopes could detect rough turbulence.
Copernicus Sparked a Scientific Revolution

by MariElena Palmer, age 13

Everyone knows that the Earth revolves around the Sun, right? It seems like it should be obvious. But Nicolas Copernicus lived in a time when this very thought was ridiculed by the majority of people. [Read More]
Small in Stature, Wolverines are Mighty Self-Defenders

by Desteny Alvarez, age 12, Sennett Free Press

Wolverines are powerful and smart creatures. They hunt for their survival in cold, northern climates throughout the world. [Read More]
Movie Review: Metropolis

by Katrin Brendemuehl, age 14

The term “metropolis” is typically used to refer to a large, bustling city with tall buildings and constant movement. A 1927 silent movie by the same name made cinematographic history, and despite its subtle-but-strong influence on popular culture, you’ve likely never even heard of it.
Gently-Used Laptop and
Desktop Computers Wanted

Do you have an older computer that still works? Consider donating it to SSFP! We are looking for computers, especially laptops, for our student writers. We can use either Mac or Windows computers, as long as they are newer than 2009.

If you have a computer to donate, please get in touch: