October 16 2019
Did You Know...
For applications involving higher temperatures, higher pressures, corrosive fluids or more rugged service conditions, Milwaukee Valve offers a variety of cast steel valves for on-off service (gate style), throttling (globe style), or to control flow direction (check valves).

Available with flanged or butt-welding ends, these cast steel valves are most commonly offered in WCB, which is the standard grade of carbon steel for applications up to 800º F. Cast steel valves can be supplied in a variety of different steel alloys, depending on your service conditions. Consult the factory with specific application requirements.

Milwaukee Valve cast steel are designed and manufactured to the following specifications:
  • ASME B16.34 & API 600 for design;
  • API 598 for testing;
  • ASTM Standards for material composition and properties
Optional internal trim materials are available to meet various demanding services. Standard seating surfaces are metal to metal, with cobalt-chromium hardfacing. Unless otherwise specified, stem packing is graphite-based to accommodate higher temperature demands. Standard body gaskets are 316SS with graphite filler.

Milwaukee Valve cast steel valves are typically sized from 2" - 24", depending on style. Gate and globe style valves are available with bypasses to allow pre-heating of the valve or pipeline, chainwheel operators to operate valves located in elevated positions, gear operators for ease of operation, and electric or pneumatic actuation for automation or driving large diameter valves.
For more information on the complete cast steel offering, visit www.MilwaukeeValve.com or contact your Milwaukee Valve sales
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