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April 26, 2017
  "Lead-Free" Versus Leaded:
Choosing The Right Valve.
Every valve application does not require lead-free* alloys, and the delineation is clear and simple. The move to lead-free is  only required on potable water systems. Not heating. Not cooling. Not steam. And not irrigation, oil or process systems. 
Senate Law S.3874 mandates that no system component in potable water systems may contain more than 0.25% lead. The law is specific to any application in which water is conveyed or dispensed for human consumption, specifically drinking or cooking.
Some installers have made complete commitment to lead-free, but the increase in price is not warranted. Published pricing for "Lead-Free" valves are 20% - 30% higher than the equivalent standard products. With that cost difference, there is reason to carefully consider the service and use the appropriate materials.
While local ordinances may dictate more specific requirements with respect to size range and product types, no laws extend beyond potable water applications. Milwaukee Valve's trained sales representatives know and can advise on where lead-free valves are required and where standard product lines are approved, thus saving material and installation costs with proven compliant products.  
Milwaukee Valve and Hammond Valve remain your single largest source for virtually every residential, commercial, or institutional valve application. From ΒΌ" bronze ball to 48" cast iron butterfly, you will find more than 10,000 valve types, sizes and configuration to meet your needs.
For more information on "Lead-Free" valves, please visit, to contact your local sales representative.
* Lead content less than 0.25%, defined as lead free by US Senate Bill S.3874.

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