March 25, 2020
Coronavirus Update...   Week 3
Moving forward, one day at a time, one week at a time… 
Essential Business – what does that mean? Technically, according to the Department of Homeland Security, Milwaukee Valve meets that criteria for two primary reasons… One, because we are a direct supplier to the US Navy as part of the Defense Industrial Base, and two, because we manufacture products used in Water and Wastewater. These are two of the identified Essential Critical Infrastructure Sectors. Therefore we are open.
We will use this newsletter each week to update you as to ongoing operations. Since last week’s update, much has changed in the country and certain markets have been adversely affected. Milwaukee Valve is fortunate that we have experienced only marginal impact to day-to-day operations or the ability to service your requirements. Inventory and production levels remain at planned levels, and we continue to prepare for many of the potential scenarios that may come our way.
This week, state after state issued versions of stay-at-home orders, so contact information was added to all shipments to ensure that our freight carriers can make the necessary arrangements with recipients prior to the order arriving at closed locations or jobsites. By doing so, we hope to defer as much of the cost related to idle drivers as possible.   

Let’s go back to being identified as an Essential Business. In addition to the definition above, we all know that you can’t build a commercial building without water flowing. And water won’t flow without valves in a piping system. That’s not just for new construction, that’s also for maintenance, repairs and operations (MRO). Our products protect mission-critical applications across all sectors of our economy, and therefore are deemed essential.
Every step of our process, from manufacturing, engineering and accounting, to customer service and the sales team, to the warehouse all understand the need to do what we do every day. As do the distributors carrying our products, the engineers specifying our valves, and the contractors installing our products… every step is essential to the short- and long-term health of the US economy and our citizens.

Wherever you are in that chain, know that your contributions and sacrifices are appreciated. Take all of the necessary precautions for you and your associates. Don’t touch your face, wash your hands, practice social distancing, and minimize risks to you and your families by limiting contact with EVERYONE. Stay healthy! But stay energized by what we do collectively.
Things may slow down, but our distributors, their customers, and the U.S. Navy all need their valves. We remain committed to delivering during this national emergency. Keep your focus on your cog in the big machine that is the US economy. Work continues, and while a lot of people are impacted, your continued operation is deemed essential. Take a moment to remember what you already know… that we are not a commodity industry. There is no obsolesce in what we do, our work matters today and what we do today will matter for years to come. Wear that with pride!
At the 2020 AHR Show in Orlando, we took the opportunity to promote our HP High-Performance Butterfly Valves. Take a moment to watch our application engineer Lisa Hall as she explains the benefits of the line.
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