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April 12, 2017
Milwaukee Actuation
 MC & LB Series
New Actuation
The pneumatic and electric actuators of Milwaukee Valve Company's Control Division deliver accurate and dependable flow-control technology. Designed to achieve the latest industry standards, these actuators satisfy a vast range of your automation requirements.
For double-acting, spring-return, pneumatic actuators, the MC Series includes twenty-six models to provide coverage for most actuator applications. Side-mounted, adjustable travel stops allow for simple adjustments from both open and closed positions, and upgrades to the thrust bearings give rise to a longer cycle life. Increased tooth engagement of the rack to the pinion provides constant torque output throughout the actuator's operating cycle.
MC Series actuators can pneumatically automate quarter-turn ball and butterfly valves with torque values from 71 to 38,996 in-lb. This wide range provides great versatility and the simplicity of specifying one brand throughout your entire project.
The LB Series quarter-turn electric actuators are available in single and three-phase electrical supply. Employing patented EZLogic technology, these controls feature an external keypad where all adjustments can be easily made using simplified settings and menus. Heaters, auxiliary relays and torque limiters prevent valve damage, saving you replacement costs and system downtime. Unique on/off and modulating/positioning service provides two-position or throttling service. The LB Series can electrically automate ball and butterfly valves with torque values from 884 to 88,500 in-lb., simplifying specification and maintenance requirements
Call today with your application requirements, and utilize our application engineering to provide the best solutions to satisfy your needs. Milwaukee Valve has more than 115 years experience in the design and manufacture of a wide variety of valves for commercial, industrial and marine applications. Milwaukee Valve has been automating valve assemblies for over a quarter century, proving that our valves and flow-control systems can stand the test of time. 
"Hammond Valve helps us meet the needs of our projects by offering a full line of both domestic and international products."
Tom Barry - Barry Co.

Milwaukee Valve products have been installed on every U.S. Navy ship built for the last 50 years.

We Not Only Make Valves -
We Are Shipbuilders! 
Navy Ships
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