August 14, 2019
Butterfly valves from Milwaukee Valve and Hammond Valve offer great performance benefits including bubble-tight shut-off service , dead-end service and easy installation. A variety of trim options expand the product offering to handle a wide array of service conditions. Less weight (compared to traditional gate valves) , quarter-turn operation and the reduced product envelope make butterfly valves a great option for buried service or on original equipment where stem extensions may be required.

Milwaukee and Hammond can provide extension stems ranging from just a few inches in length to over 16 feet, and we can customize our extensions to meet your service conditions. Obviously, small extensions are not very challenging, but as an extension gets longer and heavier, the design criteria of the valve must be considered. For instance, the weight of the extension sitting on top of the stem can definitely affect valve performance. A longer extension may also require a different gear operator. Extensions can prove to be custom to each application.

The picture shows an excellent example of a well-engineered extension stem for a particular service and valve. The 48" extension on a 16" stainless-steel high performance butterfly valve allows for the use of the standard gear operator and mounting hardware. The added weight of the extension was considered during design and negated by the use of bearings and a shoulder in the outer tube to carry the total weight of the extension, thus leaving the valve to perform as originally designed and advertised.

In addition, the factory-designed and -assembled extension ensures a perfectly vertical stem , reducing operating torque. Field designed extensions may not accommodate all of the valve’s design features and may not yield the service-life expected from the valve .
Contact your Milwaukee Valve or Hammond Valve representative for assistance designing the proper extension with the valve and application in mind.
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