April 22, 2015


 You Know the Brand, But Do You Know the Manufacturer?

  With Milwaukee & Hammond Valve - You Do! 


Milwaukee Valve Company is an international organization manufacturing our products in our four facilities located worldwide or through a longstanding vendor partnership.   Our ownership involvement in all areas, gives us complete control of design, quality, and manufacturing standards from start to finish.  Our customers have peace of mind knowing that each and every valve they receive is of the highest quality. 


All of our factory operations are certified to the International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001 standard for design and manufacturing control and the ISO 14001 standard for safety and environmental compliance. Each of our factories is also equipped with skilled engineers who are on-site and able to support the manufacturing, design, and the translation of that design into the finished product. Through our hard work and dedication, we have earned an excellent reputation with the U.S. Navy, providing them products that meet their demanding quality control standards. We apply these same standards to all of our manufacturing efforts both here and abroad. 


Every single product made at Milwaukee Valve and Hammond Valve is manufactured to one Quality Standard. The confidence that WE designed it, WE manufactured it, and WE support it, comes with every valve our customers receive.




"It has been over 20 years and we have been through many changes, but two things haven't changed; the depth and quality of Milwaukee Valve Company's products and the satisfaction of our best customers with the products, technical assistance, and service Milwaukee Valve offers."

Michael La Porte - Bergen Industrial Supply



Our 35 Series Ball Valves are available in a range of options and sizes:


Product Range

-  Full Port or Standard Port

-  Socket Weld or NPT connection

-  Size range:  1/4" - 2"



-  Locking Lever

-  Oval Handle

-  Pneumatic or Electric Actuator


Materials of Construction

-  Carbon Steel or CF8M Stainless Steel

-  Ball:  316 Stainless Steel

-  Stem:  316 Stainless Steel

-  Seats:  NXT 75/M-PTFE

-  Seat Options:  Multi-Fill, PEEK

-  Packing:  Graphite/PTFE 



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