March 20, 2015




Low lead solder end valves have provided the industry with many questions since their introduction in California in 2010 and on a national basis in January 2014.  The technique of soldering these products is slightly different and care should be taken to review the installation techniques needed.  Click here for our suggested Soldering Technique bulletin. 


There has been much talk recently with respect to only using specific brands of solder and flux by certain valve manufacturers.  In fact, some are requiring only certain combinations of solder and flux be used complicating the installation of those products even further.  Rest assured that is not the case with Ultra Pure products from Milwaukee and Hammond Valve. 


While you need to use low lead compliant solder and flux to meet the new standards - that is all you need to do with our products.  You can feel free to pick the brand of solder and flux you are most comfortable with to install our valves.  This saves both time and money for our valued customers.  Contractors don't have to plan around what solder and flux are on a jobsite or where they can purchase the "appropriate" brand required to install a competitor's product.  Always look to Ultra Pure products first and have confidence you have made the right choice.     



"We love that Milwaukee Valve is an old school company based on old school ethics, who has adapted to the current technology and needs of the industry."

Todd Follis - John W. Danforth Company





Milwaukee Valve's patented Slo-Close Butterball® valves are

one-piece full-port valves that prevent water hammer by moderating flow with a durable seal-welded disc, stem and triple-seal assembly.


Designed for fire-protection systems, use Slo-Close Butterball valves - the original, and still the best. 


Ask your customer service rep about Slo-Close Butterball® valves today!

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