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March 15, 2017
Constant Improvement Requires Constant Investment
in Technology and Training
Milwaukee and Hammond
Every facet of Milwaukee Valve's business is constantly reviewed for improvement, including the processes, equipment and personnel used to produce our finished goods. For decades, valves were machined by hand, utilizing a wide variety of lathes and mills. Tolerances and specifications were met due to the talents and expertise of the lathe and mill operators. As technology advanced and the workforce aged, improvements to the manufacturing processes were made by the adoption of CNC (Computer-Numeric Controlled) technology.
CNC machines are computerized versions of traditional machining equipment. These tools shape metal into molds that are later injected with brass, bronze, steel, etc. to build the valves we sell today. These tools also provide the finished machining required to manufacture and assemble our valves.
With the advent of CNC machining, the tolerances were tightened and accuracy increased and quantified across the entire product line, resulting in design and performance improvements and a great reduction in the use of raw materials. Once programmed, a well-maintained CNC machine will cut exactly as specified for a fast and consistent run of quality work. CNC machines are capable of working on multiple axes simultaneously, such as on curved or sloped objects, and also create a safer work-place by keeping the operator's hands away from moving parts.
Milwaukee Valve has made substantial investments in CNC technology and machinery, to the great benefit of our customers and to the company. These technological advances have created a huge demand for CNC operators and programmers. In order to meet this demand for skilled employees to program and operate the equipment, Milwaukee Valve offers training, paid courses, tuition reimbursement and scholarships. The company works directly with the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development and Sauk Prairie High School to provide internships and apprenticeship opportunities.
Increasing the skills and knowledge of our employee allows Milwaukee Valve to better serve our customers and their demanding applications. From Lambeau Field, to offshore oil rigs, to every US Navy fighting ship, Milwaukee Valve products are used in amazing facilities around the world. And the highly trained employees of Milwaukee Valve manufacture all of these products.
"We love that Milwaukee Valve is an old school company based on old school ethics, who has adapted to the current technology and needs of the industry."
Todd Follis - John W. Danforth Company
Did You Know...

Designed for fire-protection systems, Milwaukee Valve's patented Slo-Close ButterballĀ® valves are one-piece full port valves that prevent water hammer by moderating flow with a durable seal-welded disc, stem and triple-seal assembly.

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