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June 17, 2015
Know Your Valves And Maintain Safety
F20 Series

In March of 2015, the Federal Railroad Administration issued a directive to replace up to 11,000 unapproved valves that were installed in railroad tank cars.  These trains were carrying extremely hazardous material across the nations railways.  A failure of even one of these valves could have posed a significant threat to the environment.  When selecting a valve it is critical to consider the process application in which the valve will be used.  A valve designed and built in full compliance with specifications will always guarantee that safety and cost effectiveness are met.

Every valve purchased has a variety of costs associated with it.  There is the cost of the valve itself which will vary depending on the process media, availability, and installation.  There are also operational costs which include the maintenance and upkeep of the valve.  The service life and operation of a valve is affected by many things including something as simple the environment it is being used in.  These costs are relatively low and are no comparison to the cost that using an improper valve can incur.  Industrial valves are built using strict guidelines put in place by such agencies as ASME (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers), API (American Petroleum Institute), and MSS (Manufacturers Standardization Society). 
These agencies govern overall design including:  valve testing, wall thickness, materials of construction, and markings.  Milwaukee Valve Company designs all of our products to meet and exceed these guidelines, providing the safest valves for a wide variety of applications. 


It is important to know that the materials used, design required, and the intended use of the valve purchased will fulfill the application and process requirements.  Understanding the valve design and service will make certain the product selected will be the safest and most cost effective for the long term.  If valves with the proper design and correct approval had been selected for use in the railroad tank cars, safety would not have been jeopardized and the huge liabilities that all involved parties are now dealing with would have been avoided.  Inadequate designs, minimal oversight, and defective parts put the public and environment at increasing risk.  All of our valves comply to industry standards for safety.  When safety is a concern, and it usually is, choose Milwaukee Valve.

"Milwaukee Valve maintains a high standard for their products with consistently excellent quality."                                                            

Mike Anderson - J.F. Ahern

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