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August 10, 2016
Let Milwaukee Valve Supply Your 
Automated Valve Package 
Properly automating valves requires an understanding of customer needs and the engineering and procurement process to create, assemble, test and finally commission the proper actuated valve assembly for a specific application. By using Milwaukee Valve, this process can be easy and cost effective:
  • Milwaukee Valve is a single-source supplier for all your valve and automation needs,
  • Milwaukee Valve provides you with overall cost savings. You won't have to acquire or inventory the necessary component parts from a variety of suppliers to assemble a package; we do all of that work for you.
  • Simplified procurement through our proven supply chain will reduce costs on consultants, bidding and testing.
  • Milwaukee Valve will assemble and test the entire package in our New Berlin, WI facility. Our vast inventory allows fast shipping and service for all your automated valve needs.
  • Our automation offering includes:
    • Pneumatic rack-and-pinion and scotch-yoke actuators.
    • Quarter-turn and multi-turn electric actuators.
    • Direct and/or remote-mounted solenoids.
    • Limit switches and valve positioners.
    • Mounting kits and brackets.
    • Assembly and testing.
    • Packaging and shipping to your stock or direct to your customer/job-site.
For more information or a quotation on the products listed above, contact us or visit our web site for product and specification information at
"Quality, competitive, and reliable are three words I would use to describe Milwaukee Valve."
Sarah Calabrese - Bender Plumbing

Our 35 Series Ball valves are fire-safe three-piece enclosed bolt valves. These full and standard port ball valves are available in a range of options and sizes. 

Ask your customer service rep about our 35 Series Ball valves today!
   35 Series
V isit our website for complete product details and information.

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