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August 26, 2015
Specifications...The Beginning of the Process
In our industry, mechanical specifications are the spark that ignites the construction process. More importantly, specifications are also meant to guarantee the quality, integrity, and long service life of the system. Given its importance within the industry we have actively supported strong specifications with our quality products built to proven long standing designs. From the beginning of Milwaukee Valve's history all design and manufacturing has been done under our watchful eye. There are products in the market place today that carry old brand names with the same or similar figure numbers from years gone by, but there have been significant changes made to these products in quality, design, and manufacture. A specification calling for those products is not delivering its intended purpose. These products are simply not the same as they were years ago. They won't deliver the service life expected from an industry that builds with a focus on decades of service .

We know what is expected of our products and our industry. We provide consistent valve designs manufactured under our control to ensure our products provide satisfactory service. We know you expect us to be the "Valve Experts" in the field and wherever trials of the industry require additional attention. We want to be your support and continually build on our 115 year history of quality products and expert people.

Our industry calls for all parts of the sales channel to be engaged in the specification process. As a manufacturer who supports strong specifications, we enjoy working closely with engineering firms to make certain the products listed are correct for the service intended. We work with the contractor community demonstrating proper installation practices and detailing any valve limitations. Our distribution network is challenged to sell our products against inferior products that do not meet standards. To meet this challenge, we offer our team the necessary training needed to market proven products. Our interest in your success and profitability is only a call or click away. If you have questions about specified valve products feel free to contact our sales or engineering group for a quick and honest estimation.  
"Milwaukee Valve is honest and dependable, so I have confidence when making the specs on projects.  They help us save time, money and effort."
Joe Tagliaferro - BR+A Consulting Eng
Mechanical Engineer, Boston, MA 

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