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July 1, 2015
Together We Build Systems That Stand The Test Of Time
Industry Support
It is easy to say that support after the sale or installation of our products is key to the user and to our success.  It is a side of the business we clearly focus on. Whether the support is as simple as our recommended installation practices, advising on service conditions, maintaining adequate inventories, or visiting the jobsite after installation, we always try to live up to your expectations and requirements. Milwaukee Valve is not unique to this process. Many others perform to the same attributes. What is unique to us is the effort we put in to collectively create systems without built in obsolescence.  The fact is, our products and the systems we build together are expected to work for years to come.

It is easy to measure the responsiveness of a company after the sale is complete.  What is more difficult to measure, but equally important, is our support of the industry long before the thought of making a sale. Members of our sales staff are currently serving on local industry committees in governance as well as training.  Still others is on advisory boards at several universities serving the next generation of talent needed to continue not only our mission, but the mission of our industry.  We also have sales staff who are sitting on industry design committees and political actions committees meeting with Congress on a regular basis to discuss industry related matters.  All of this is required to provide for our customer base today, while turning over a solid, well-prepared, industry to the next generation of professionals.  We are proud of our membership and participation with the various governing agencies and industry associations to which we belong.  We hope our service is meaningful to their missions and the industry as a whole, and we urge you to be active as well.
"I feel that Milwaukee Valve wants me to be successful and that we are partners in business."
Ken Barnes - Florida Industrial Products

Milwaukee Valve makes aluminum valves for Dry-Bulk and Petroleum applications.  Dry-Bulk transport valves are specially designed to handle the vibrations, temperature variations, weather, and hard knocks of highway hauling.  Valves are available in lift check, horizontal swing, angle lift check, gate, relief and butterfly valve styles.  Aluminum nozzles made for refueling are available as well.
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