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May 24, 2017
Check Valve Design:
Why the Difference Between T & Y Valves Exist
T & Y Pattern Check Valves
All check valves are created equal...right? Not so fast... While "T" and "Y" patterns both provide back-flow protection, each pattern provides different advantages to system designers and system maintenance.  

The  T-pattern swing check valve provides the most achievable flow, while also providing the necessary back-flow protection. Engineers are creating system designs requiring higher flow rates, and the T-pattern check (in conjunction with other full-flow products such as gate valves or full-port ball valves) provides that feature. In some sizes, the T-pattern can offer twice the flow of the comparable Y-pattern check. Milwaukee Valve and Hammond Valve offer the T-pattern check in Class 125 and Class 150, with either bronze or PTFE seats.

The Y-pattern check valve is designed with in-line repairability in mind. The seat angle provides MRO with greater access to reach the seat with grinding or machine tools. This access makes it easier to clean or polish seats to ensure that seals remain tight. While the demand for repairability isn't as great as it once was, these valves continue to be offered to the industrial market, where routine maintenance remains a concern. Y-pattern checks are available with bronze seats in Class 125, Class 150, Class 200 and Class 300.

The right valve for the right application remains a driving force behind the designs we implement to serve our customers. Our engineering, distribution, and contracting partners have over  10,000 finished SKU's  available to them, to meet your day-to-day requirements. Built in our facilities, under our control, and governed by ISO 9001 for quality and ISO 14001 for environmental considerations, Milwaukee Valve and Hammond Valve are your best choice to save both TIME and MONEY.   
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
"It is the people that make Milwaukee Valve Company a pleasure to be associated with.  True customer support from top to bottom."
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Industry Support

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Our partnership with these organizations strengthens our industry support allowing us to better serve our customer base.
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