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July 29, 2015
NXT 75 Fluoropolymer Resin - Modified PTFE
Industrial Ball Valve
NXT 75 (a modified PTFE) is Milwaukee Valve's next generation of Industrial Ball Valve seating material and has become the standard seat material for our F20, F90/91, 20 and 35 series industrial ball valves. NXT 75 offers superior characteristics over both PTFE (virgin) and RPTFE (glass filled) seats.

  • Improved chemical inertness
  • Improved heat resistance
  • Lower coefficient of friction (lower operating torques)
  • Improved resistance of deforming under load
  • Lower permeation (eliminating pop-corning effects of seats)
  • Experience lower inventory costs by carrying one seat that does the work of two

NXT 75 temperature limitations are equal to that of our Multi-fill (steam seats), but we recommend not exceeding 150 psi steam.  We will continue to offer our multi-fill steam seats for steam service applications greater than 150 psi but not exceeding 250 psi. 

"Accuracy of orders is critical to us.  I can't think of a time that we had a problem with the ordering process at Milwaukee Valve.  Our prices always match which saves us time and money."
David Turnbeaugh - HD Supply 

Our F20 series two-piece,
full-port, flanged-end ball valves are the best choice to meet your full-flow requirements.
F20 Series Ball Valve
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