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June 3, 2015
An Unexpected Turn From The Move To Low Lead Products In Drinking Water Applications
Slo-Close ButterBall Valves
Back in 2010, when California moved to low lead products in potable water under CA. AB1953, Vermont quickly followed suit. Shortly thereafter, Louisiana and Maryland joined in.  With industry support the Federal Government passed Senate Bill S.3874 and low lead became the law of the land in January 2014.  As manufacturers, distributors, contractors and engineering firms all geared up for the change, several products emerged as  needed  that seemed to be far from the original scope of the project.

One such product for the industry was our Slo-Close ButterBall? valve for fire protection service.  The Slo-Close has long been a staple in the fire protection markets having served our customers well with proven time saving performance for decades.  With a unique seat design and patented tamper switch design, the Slo-Close valve has had millions of successful installations worldwide and is still a leader in the fire protection industry. The Slo-Close valve didn't seem to have a need in low lead markets at first, but has now emerged as an unexpected leader in its class.  The results of many smaller fire suppressant systems utilizing domestic water to charge the life protecting sprinkler systems has resulted in the development of our Ultra Pure Slo-Close product.  More and more municipalities are requiring fire protection systems in both single and multi-family residential buildings as part of their code.  Building on the safety record of such systems in commercial and industrial applications the installation of these products will only continue to grow.  With safety driving the need, along with relatively low installation costs on new construction or renovations, the path for this product is clear.

All in the supply chain should be considering the need.  Fire protection is not just fire protection any longer, and questions should be asked at every level. If you are specifying, you need to know if domestic water is being used.  If you are installing a fire protection system, you also need to know that information.  And, if you are distributing these products you may want to add the new low lead Slo-Close to your inventory as the need for this product is real.

Trust the long standing reputation of the Slo-Close product offering to save you time, money, and worry for a system designed to save lives.
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