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January 13, 2016
Ball Valves - Multiple Handle Options
Handle Options
Milwaukee Valve and Hammond Valve have a wide range of handle options to meet the  needs of any application. Several options are available for both commercial and industrial ball valves, offering ease of use and an added measure of safety and security that are not found with the standard ball valve handle.

The extension handle/stem (XH) is a simple and effective design option that is available for applications where the insulation surrounding a pipe makes standard handles inoperable. It is also an effective option to use when a handle needs to be raised above an obstruction or where the valve is being mounted behind a panel. The XH option is available for both our commercial and industrial ball valves. Milwaukee and Hammond Valve also offer an insulated extension handle (TIH) designed to prevent condensation and other extraneous moisture from entering an insulated piping system.  This handle option also minimizes thermal energy loss from the system via metal extension tubes, levers, and similar parts.

The memory stop (MS) offers the convenience of a preset stop when the valve is used in a balancing application. The memory stop can be set from the full closed position, to any preset opening point. The memory stop option is available on our commercial ball valves and is also incorporated into the design of our insulated extension handle (TIH) requiring no disassembly or removal of the handle to engage and make adjustments.

Oval Handles (OH) are intended for several different applications, and can be installed where a standard lever handle might encounter interference from adjoining piping. Oval handles can also prevent accidental valve operations, since they have less projection than a lever handle, and require more turning force to operate. The oval design also prevents clothing or other material from being hooked onto the valve handle inadvertently causing it to open or close. Because they are a safer handle option, OSHA requires the use of oval handles in many industrial installations.  Tee handles (TH) offer the same installation space savings as oval handles, with a slightly shorter end to end dimension. Tee handles require more handle force to operate, so accidental openings can be reduced. The increased torque may limit the availability of larger sizes, so please contact your customer service rep for help with sizing.

Locking devices offer the end user the security of a lockable handle to prevent tampering. This added level of safety is very beneficial and locking handles are required by OSHA in many applications. With the use of a standard 5/16" padlock, the locking handle (LD) can be locked in either the full open or full closed position. The handle and locking device are also manufactured using stainless steel material (Stainless Latch Lock Handle (LL)) for additional strength and corrosion resistance. Our locking devices are available on oval handles, and also come as an extended locking handle (XLD). This robust design can be locked in the open or closed position with the use of a standard padlock.

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