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March 9, 2016
Back To Basics:  Cast Steel
Cast Steel
Cast steel valves are used for steam and other services requiring higher temperature and pressure capability. They are available in gate, globe and check styles, depending on service requirements and flow conditions. Cast steel valves are designed and manufactured to the following specifications:
  • ASME B16.34 & API600 for design;
  • API598 for testing;
  • ASTM Standards for material composition and properties.
Milwaukee Valve and Hammond Valve offer a variety of cast steel valves for on-off service (gate style), throttling (globe style), or to control direction of flow (check valves). Our cast steel valves are available with flanged or butt-welding ends. Cast steel valves can be supplied in a variety of steel alloys, ours being offered most commonly in WCB, which is the standard grade of carbon steel for applications up to  800º F.  The pressure/temperature characteristics of these valves are governed by  ASME B16.34 .

Cast steel valves are typically used in applications on steam above 125 psi, and other higher pressure/temperature services. Cast steel valves (in WCB) are rated at 1 00º F according to pressure class as follows: 150# class: up to 285 psig, 300# class: up to 740 psig, and 600# class: up to 1,480 psig. 

Internal trim options are available to meet various demanding services. Standard seating surfaces are metal to metal, with single Stellite™ hardfacing. Unless otherwise specified, stem packing is graphite-based for the higher temperature requirements. Standard body gaskets are 316SS with graphite filler.

Our cast steel valves are sized from 2" - 24", depending on style. Gate and globe style valves are available with bypasses to allow pre-heating of the valve or pipeline, chainwheel operators to enable actuating valves in elevated positions, gear operators for ease of operation, and electric or pneumatic action for automation or driving large diameter valves.

Page through our cast steel catalog for more information on our products, or call your customer service rep to receive assistance tailored to your application needs.

"Milwaukee Valve's product offering covers a wide range of commercial and industrial valves that are readily available to offer to my customers."
Jordan Page - Morrison Supply Company

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