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September 21, 2016
FAQ's and Installation How-To's
UltraPress Line
For more than 115 years, customers like you have counted on Milwaukee Valve for reliable products that meet or exceed industry standards. Our UltraPress line is no exception. UltraPress significantly reduces installation time and costs, offers the convenience of wet or dry servicing, and is fully annealed for superior strength and flexibility.
Where can I use UltraPress valves?
Designed in conjunction with press systems, our valves are rated up to 200 psig @ 250° F, some UltraPress applications include:
  • Hot and cold potable water
  • HVAC
  • Chilled water
How much time will I save using UltraPress?
It takes only 12 minutes to press a 1-inch UltraPress ball valve, reducing installation time up to 68%*. There is no special tool, solder, heat or cleanup typically associated with "sweating", brazing or threading a valve.
How do UltraPress valves seal without leaking?
The bead in each UltraPress valve contains a pre-installed EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) O-ring. This EPDM O-ring is treated with a silicone-free lubricant, and engages to complete a seal with the copper pipe when "pressed."
What types of valves are available as UltraPress?
  • Ball (2-piece and 3-piece)
  • Gate (non-rising and rising stem)
  • Globe
  • Swing check
  • Vertical check

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*Statistics are derived from MCAA's WebLEM (Web-Based Labor Estimating Manual). Estimates were based on installing comparable 1" 2-piece ball valves. Time includes copper-pipe preparation (cleaning & deburring) and valve installation.
"Milwaukee Valve maintains a high standard for their products with consistently excellent quality."
Mike Anderson - JF Ahern

The 2 1/2" thru 4" UPBA-480B press ball valves are just one addition to Milwaukee and Hammond Valve's growing UltraPure product line.

Ask your customer service rep about our UPBA-480B press ball valves!
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