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 Morning in Maine

 15” x 22” Watercolor by Bill Hudson
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Mind-Blowing Photographs!
by Bill Hudson

In September 2016, I wrote a Newsletter entitled “The Most Important Photograph Ever Taken!” I explained how the “Hubble eXtreme Deep Field (XDF) photograph” taken by the Hubble telescope provided absolute proof that there are indeed more stars than grains of sand on all the beaches of the earth… probably more than all the sand on earth’s surface including the Sahara Desert. Unfathomable! Incomprehensible!

Simply walk on any beach and try to imagine every star being the size of a grain of sand. The next closest star would be another grain of sand 7 miles away…and so on…and so on!

Within my newsletter, I provided crude calculations of the number of grains of beach sand and compared that to the estimated number of stars provided by many sources including the referenced “Ask An Astronomer” service at Cornell University.
Well, today I eat my words. The value of the Hubble photograph has been far superseded by those recently taken from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, JWST. Hubble absorbed light for weeks from an area the size of your thumb nail extended at full arm’s length…an area thought to be a black void…and discovered some 5,500 never-before-seen galaxies. Now, the JWST focused with laser sharpness on an area the size of a sand grain held at the same arm’s length! And guess what. In high-fidelity infrared wavelengths, JWST captured “countless orange dots” each representing another galaxy, billions of years old, billions of light years away, with billions more stars.

And these are only the first of hopefully 20 more years documenting the origins of matter following the Big Bang.

After 78 years, I am still incapable of comprehending that our universe has no boundaries. And as our universe continues to expand at incredible speeds, it is expanding into endless space…an even more incomprehensible concept. It all has me thinking about God.
Again, I thank each of you for your continued interest in this Newsletter. If you wish to make any art related announcements or comments that may benefit the readers, feel free to submit them for the next issue.
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