MARCH 1, 2022


The transiting sun enters MARCH at 10 Pisces, a mutable water sign.  Her Symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions.

Pisces continues to MARCH 20. Pisces rules the feet. Pisces people are highly intuitive, emotional and sensitive. They take care of others. Many times they are nurses, psychologists, and social workers. Because of their imagination and sensitivity they love to be creative.
I love Pisces - maybe because I have a Pisces son and Pisces Moon.  

  • Here are a few: Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Justin Bieber, George Washington, Smokey Robinson, Cindy Crawford, Kelsey Grammer, Drew Barrymore, George Harrison.

All planets are direct since the beginning of February and will continue to move forward until the end of April. It will be easier to get things accomplished now without retrogrades.


"Through this pandemic we have lost people, lives, friends, jobs. Many are grieving.

We mark our lives by big milestones, career changes, graduations, weddings. We look ahead towards large, tangible markers. When we are in grief and when things feel uncertain, it can be reassuring to focus on micro-pleasures - the small things around us that keep us connected and bring comfort. Consider noticing and looking towards small pleasures to practice re-inviting hope into your world:

Feed the birds. See how they take turns at the feeder and return day after day.
Watch the sunrise or set and spend a moment of silence reflecting on the love you have for your loved one.
Enjoy a cup of tea and take a moment to truly savor it with all your senses.
Observe nature thoughtfully, really see the sprouts on your houseplant or the tree on the corner of your block.
Start to journal to create space for your thoughts, feelings, and reflections.
Plant seeds on a windowsill and watch them grow and reach towards the sun.
Take a photograph of something that you find beautiful each day.

Grief is so pervasive in our society right now. Creating small but meaningful moments of hope can help you feel connected and can begin to rebuild the habit of hope.”
From The Grief Expert......... David Kessler


Life is a creative adventure. We are narrator, director, star performer and producer of our own soap operas. Negative experiences are heightened events which can reveal our positive qualities and strengths at times of crises and trauma.
Important lessons are to be learned during these trying times.  

We are not the fearful, gutless, angry, helpless, weak bag of bones we may think we are. Negative events and emotions need to be felt and understood in a positive light.  In this society, we are told to think positively and remove all negativity by burying our heads in the sand like an ostrich.

Going through a difficult situation, like this pandemic - many are upset. We may feel heavy stuck in our mind, body, and spirit, waiting for release and balance. Outer circumstances may remain the same, but inner trauma needs to be identified, set free and transformed. 

Years ago, I was kidnapped. Later, I focused on the details to mentally evaluate this event. I journaled to recreate and enhance awareness. Self healing was the goal. Writing was a good way to change fear, panic and the negative charge. I realized how brave and calm I was and how I was able to handle the kidnapper, the knife, the police, my husband and myself. Intuition told me I would be fine. And so it was.

Looking for positive lessons in negative situations is very beneficial. Aiding healing by talking, crying. exercising, dancing, walking, sweating, screaming, all help to balance emotions.  Meditation, music, writing and art also help understanding our soap opera.
If you need extra help - you should do that as well.

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