Laura Zohman CHT, LDN 

AUGUST 1 2018


  The sun enters AUGUST in 10 LEO a fixed fire sign.  Its symbol is  the lion and its ruling planet is the sun. Leo rules the heart and spine.  Leo natives are generous, creative, dramatic and show leadership qualities.  The affirmation for Leo is "I WILL".
August 11 Solar Eclipse new moon 18 Leo
August 23 Sun enters Virgo  
August 26 Full Moon 3 Pisces
Mercury retrograde until August 19
Mars retrograde until August 28
Saturn retrograde all month
Uranus retrograde August through the month
Pluto retrograde all month
Many of us are overwhelmed by the energy of the summer of 2018. Five or six planets are going backward, (retrograde) at one time. When we have retrogrades we review, revise, revamp and all of the other "re" words.  
As the planets move back and forth, we do - also. The erratic energy causes us to stop, look at our blind spots, and correct them.
Plan on some new decisions to be complete by fall.    
A time of change. Remember: from chaos comes clarity

All negativity is caused by an accumulation of psychological time and denial of the present. Unease, anxiety, tension, stress, worry - all forms of fear - are caused by too much future, and not enough present. Guilt, regret, resentment, grievances, sadness, bitterness, and all forms of non forgiveness are caused by too much past,  and not enough present.     Eckhart Tolle
BODY:  "All Disease Begins in the Gut"
Hippocrates, father of western medicine.    
PROTECT your gut - It is the home of digestion and intuition (gut feelings).  Treat it right.  Eat right, eat light for the summer.  Don't eat when upset.  Eat slowly and Chew. Don't eat junk, even if everyone else does. You are in charge of your own aging gut.

I used to be in the food business.  I saw what went on in kitchens - the chefs handling food and their tempers. I believe food picks up the hysteria of those preparing it.  Prepare great food with your family and make it a happy time.
We all want our guts to be happy and healthy.
The Shadow radio program began before I was born and continued when I was a child. I was delighted, to listen to the beginning of the program. It started with "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!"

Been a long time since that program. It was a good introduction to the psycho/spiritual idea of the shadow.  The shadow is the part of us, which needs to be brought into the light to be transformed.  There could be genius in our shadow, but it is also the part of us we hate.  To learn what our shadow is about, we can look for those awful parts in others.  If we are upset about anothers' aggressiveness, lack of tact, stupidity, laziness or anything else, we have that also.  The shadow knows.   
When we look at the shadow side of Trump - his self absorption, his ego, his kingly behavior, and craziness. Do we have that as well?  He is the person to OBSERVE to help us see our own faulty characteristics and to help us move to higher ground, to the light in order to change our own infantile behavior.    
Your soul is on another higher plane.  Need to raise your vibration to go higher.  Your soul is the oldest, wisest, most loving part of you. Has been with you in past lives. ...John Holland
Find those parts of yourself you want to change. Meditate.  Invite your soul to join you.   Ask your soul, how to transform, how to open, how to master yourself and become the best you can be.  

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