Laura Zohman CHT, LDN

JUNE 1 2020



The sun enters GEMINI, the TWINS, on MAY 22 and stays there until June 20th when the sun moves into CANCER. GEMINI rules the nervous system, lungs, arms and the chest.  Gemini is a Mutable Air Sign ruled by Mercury. Geminis can be up and down.  They are known to have a split personality.  Communication is their strong point and they usually talk a lot. They are fun, child like and enjoy having a good time.  They can dance, are efficient with their hands and have a lot of trivia knowledge. Fun, fun, fun but will they ever grow up? 
June 5 Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse 15 Sag 
June 14 Flag Day  
June 18 Mercury retrograde to July 12
June 20 Sun enters 0 Cancer, Summer Solstice 
June 21 New moon Cancer, Solar Eclipse   
June 21 Fathers Day
June 25 Venus Direct  - Better for relationships 
June 27 Mars enters Aries - good time for a fight 
Retrogrades: Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto retrograding this month through the summer.   Venus until June 25th,  Neptune retrogrades June 23 until November. If you feel you are walking backwards in mud with these retrogrades - you are. Try Meditation during this time to get clarity.  
"The present pandemic is triggering an existential crisis in all of us and is actually one of the major reasons our souls chose to incarnate at this time in human history: To be part of the vanguard in birthing a New Age in the evolution of consciousness, in our relationship to ourselves, each other and Gaia". Joan Pancoe, Modern Mystic
"This is the first time in human history that we have had the entire world on a pause. If we are going to wake up, then I think we need a wake-up call. We are stepping into a place where there is uncertainty and we are moving from what we know about ourselves and our lives into the unknown!" Dr. Dispenza  
"The less you react to traffic, the news, your ex, your financial circumstances, the outer environment and so on, the less victimized you are by your outer environment. The bottom line is, if you are less of a victim to your outer environment, you are less susceptible to any bacteria or virus." Dr Dispenza

"Moses going into the desert for 40 years, was not a failure, but a pause until the time was right for a larger step in the journey".  Joel Osteen, Preacher  
It seems funny how everyone reacts differently to this situation.  For me, it is bringing clarity and motivating me to change. For many of my friends, they're just biding time, wanting to get back to their old routine. A Client 
Laura says; This is a time to PAUSE, go deep inside - and explore who we are and what steps we need take, at any given moment.  This Pandemic has changed our view of the future. The media has changed our view of the pandemic sometimes incorrectly. No one has solved this problem at this time.  We have to wait it out, with the uncertainly, and make decisions based on ourselves, our intuition and not the media. Yes, there is a lot of uncertainty, anger and fear of the future. We will not go back to normal society, as we have known it.  We will go into the "new normal".  An unknown concept.  Social distancing is
not the way humans are supposed to live.  
When the pandemic is over, I will think twice about sitting in a movie theater or any crowded space for any length of time. 

Walt Disney World plans to   reopen in mid-July, with mandatory masks for visitors - and no hugging Mickey Mouse.  NEW YORK TIMES



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