JANUARY 1, 2023


On January 1- the transiting Sun is in 10 Capricorn, a Cardinal Earth sign, ruled by Saturn - THE TASK MASTER. Capricorn natives are hard working and will do anything to get ahead. Her symbol is the Goat.  She will climb any mountain or obstacle to achieve a goal. Capricorns are reliable, responsible and get better with age. She likes being boss. Capricorn and Saturn are in charge of bones, teeth, skin and knees. She has a 7 year cycle.

2023 is a 7 year which is a Slow down year. Time to let go of striving and start looking within. A time for deep healing, all about you and your inner soul. Think about a daily spiritual practice like Meditation, or in a way you can connect to your inner world, and focus on thinking things through. Spiritual practices will become more popular. Seven is an inner vibration-al number prompting one to rest, contemplate, think, reflect, and be alone. The pressures of everyday life will bring forth a desire to get away from it all.

Try spending time in nature, without your phone.


Resolutions can be made on New Years Day or are even better on your birthday which starts your own personal New Year. Resolutions created to coincide with the monthly cycles of the moon, work well. Too many resolutions lead to confusion. Choose a couple of things to work on or to improve.  

Lynn Robinson, psychic, author recommends 5 days per week, doing "Three Steps A Day" toward your goal. By the end of the week you can say, "I did 15 things toward what I need to get done! Repetition fosters and inspires change.

rabbit 1


2023 is the year of the rabbit. It is a water rabbit year which occurs every 60 years. Year of the rabbit 2023 begins on the Chinese New Year from Jan. 22, 2023, to Feb. 9, 2024. 

The rabbit symbolizes peace, prosperity, and vigor in the Chinese zodiac. Year of the Rabbit 2023 is a lucky year for most people. Things are recovering and life will get better soon. Take advantage of the lucky horoscope in 2023, you will have a good chance of success in the Year of Rabbit!

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