July 1, 2020

The Time of Our Lives
On July 1st the sun is in the Cardinal water sign of Cancer, the Crab. Cancer is sensitive, moody, nurturing, and emotional. Cancer rules the stomach, breasts and solar plexus. Its ruling planet is the moon. Many use the phases of the moon to time events. On July 22nd the sun leaves Cancer and enters the sign of Leo the Lion, a fixed fire sign.

July 1 Canada Day
July 1 Mercury retrogrades in Cancer until July 11
July 4 INDEPENDENCE DAY - the birth of the USA - Bye Bye England
July 5 Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse 13 Capricorn
July 20 New Moon 28 Cancer
July 22 Sun enters Leo

Retrogrades: Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto; all retrograding this month through the summer, joined by Uranus in August. With many planets retrograding, we continue to be moving at a snail's pace. This is a quiet time to learn about our life and our journey. Pay attention to eclipses which bring intensity and events which surprise all of us. Keep Meditating.

Use meditation to find answers when simple logic is not enough. We are encouraged to search within for more soulful approaches to our questions, thoughts of life change, core issues and relationships.

Thoughts on the New Normal
The new normal - a phrase created by the medical profession, used by the media and even me. Life will never be the same. There will be memories, questions and new resolutions. Personal and community financial, emotional and social changes are bubbling up to be dealt with. From COVID to Black Lives Matter to Police Brutality to who knows what's next. As Spiritual beings having a human experience, let us return to the wisdom of our spirit, as we move through this transformative and difficult period. Wise answers come from within.

Many issues are bubbling up, which have gone on quietly for years. They are coming to the surface to be seen, dealt with and then "repaired". Abuses of all sorts have been more prevalent than we even imagined.

Jeffrey Epstein, a wealthy, well connected, but small cog in the larger wheel of trafficking and abuse of women and children. He was arrested, and killed in jail. Happily, he is no more - but similar patterns still exist in the Olympics, Medicine, Entertainment, Business, Politics and Religious Groups - some still hidden from public scrutiny, found out and dealt with.

Laura comments - Why do men who have money and power think they have the right to abuse others who are not as fortunate? It is my hope that our male patriarchal warlike abusive, dominant society - will eventually morph into a more feminine world with dominant traits like loving kindness, respect, self- love and support. 

According to numerology, 2020 is a "4" year. The number 4 relates to foundations. Yes, our foundations are being rocked and it's not over. The themes of the New Moon in Cancer (June 27th) and the Cancer month (June 21st to July 21st) are Home, Food, Nourishment, Family and Emotional health. . Because Cancer rules emotions and feelings, we may find ourselves dealing with situations that are very unsettling. Major turning points for us are ahead. Hopefully, we will see significant changes within the next six months.

" Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase."
Martin Luther King

"The ego is who you think you are. Our soul is just witnessing our incarnation."........Ram Dass

"Breakdowns can create breakthroughs. Things fall apart so things can fall
together."... Anonymous

"There is no breakthrough without a breakdown." Tony Robbins

"Healing requires letting go of what is familiar and stepping into the unknown"... Rudolph Ballentine MD 

"By listening to the Creator within, we are led to our right path"... Julia Cameron

"There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”...
Leonard Cohen

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