NOVEMBER 1, 2022

On NOVEMBER 1- the transiting Sun is in 10 SCORPIO, a FIXED WATER sign.

The sun stays in Scorpio until November 21 and then moves into Sagittarius. There are 3 levels of Scorpio. The lowest is the scorpion who bites, the middle is the eagle, who flies and sees a larger picture of life, and the most evolved is the Phoenix, the mythical bird who throws itself into the fire rising up each time from its own ashes - renewed and more evolved. We can transform and evolve, also, into the best version of ourselves.  


SCORPIOS are intuitive, resourceful, intense, passionate and transformational. When doing a task, they have the focus of a brain surgeon. They can research something to the core. No pretense - They know who you are immediately. Her color is deep red and her ruling planets are Mars and Pluto. She is in charge of our reproductive system and is known for transformation and creation. Scorpios can be very powerful. When evolved, they are the shamans and healers of the zodiac. They are very sensitive and may have problems with addiction.   

NOVEMBER 8, 2022 is the LUNAR ECLIPSE at 16 degrees TAURUS. Eclipses are harbingers of change. LUNAR ECLIPSES clean out and culminate old emotional cycles which are no longer useful or helpful. Full Moon Lunar Eclipses signify Endings with an intention of Renewal and Reinvention in the next 3 months.  Watch for it, Learn how it affects your life, how you will let go and how you will improve. .  

TAURUS is a Fixed Earth Sign and the Eclipse will affect ALL FIXED SIGNS -

SCORPIO, LEO AND AQUARIUS and TAURUS, especially if those signs are between 11 an 21 degrees.  Many Blessings for GOOD FORTUNE - MOVING ON AND OUT OF AN OLD EMOTIONAL CYCLE.



1. The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. J. Campbell


2. Every moment is a gift of life. Thich Nhat Nanh 


3. If you have life you have purpose. Caroline Myss

4. The good old days are now. Tom Clancy 



As we enter the season of quiet reflection we also celebrate family, friends and times of giving THANKS. Wishing you all a Wonderful and a Happy Thanksgiving with all the trimmings. A time to eat well, drink, share good times and to give thanks for all you are and all you have. Enjoy!

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