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Dear Aaron,

Ten Amazing AI Websites That You Can Try Right Now

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) is perhaps one of the most complex technologies currently under development, the results of current AI initiatives are incredibly fun and really easy to use.

Whether or not they have achieved practicality, I will let you decide, but I promise you will have fun in the process.

Many people tend to fall asleep to phrases like algorithmic bias, intelligent retrieval, and knowledge engineering when discussing the current methods used to achieve AI, but I've found that simply playing with the end product of these initiatives can bestow an understanding that goes far beyond these boring, complex and overused phrases.

So here we will outline ten incredibly fun AI tools that you can try right now.

Besides being a great way to kill boredom, they will also give you a greater understanding of the current state of AI. Without any phrases. :)

1. Magic Eraser: Use AI to removed unwanted things from photos in seconds.

Have a great photo with something annoying in the background?

Remove it easily at:

Upload the photo

Select the part you don’t want

Press 'Erase' and Boom! It’s gone.

2. Craiyon: Use AI to create images from words.

Formerly DALL-E Mini, Craiyon is an AI model that can draw images from any text prompt.

Want to illustrate your idea?

Type in any words to describe what you want:

Describe actions.

Combine items.

Create images in a particular style.

And Craiyon will produce an image to match.

If that sounds crazy... it is, and it will only get better with time.

3. Rytr: AI Writer, Content Generator and Writing Assistant

Sort your writer's block with Rytr.

Describe the piece that you are trying to write and Rytr writes it for you. 

Edit as you see fit.

Choose a language.

Choose a tone.

Choose the type of content.

Rytr returns excellent copy that you can edit and use as you like.

4. Thing Translator: Point your camera at things to identify them or hear how to say them in a different language.

Identify objects from photos with Thing Translator.

On holiday and don’t know the word for an item?

Take a photo of it to find out.

Take a picture of the item.

Get the word in one of 10 languages.

No more fumbling through a dictionary.

5. AutoDraw: Fast drawing for everyone. AutoDraw pairs machine learning with drawings from talented artists to help you draw stuff.

Create better drawings with Autodraw.

Does your creative imagination exceed your artistic ability?

Start sketching.

AutoDraw guesses what you’re trying to draw.

AutoDraw offers better alternatives.

Suddenly your awful drawing becomes usable.

6. Fontjoy: Fontjoy helps designers choose the best font combinations. Mix and match different fonts for the perfect pairing.

If you aren’t a designer, it can be hard to choose nice fonts.

Fontjoy chooses them for you.

Lock in a font you want.

Or start from scratch.

Generate fonts that pair.

Now you KNOW your fonts work well together.

7. Talk to Books: Talk to Books is a new way to explore ideas and discover books. Make a statement or ask a question to browse passages.

Use all the wisdom in books with Talk To Books.

Ask your question to the collective wisdom of over 100,000 books.

Ask Talk to Books a question.

It searches all of its books.

It gives you quotes that answer your question.

Acts as a curated book search.

8. This Person Does Not Exist: AI repeatedly generates photorealistic images of a persons that do not actually exist.

Need to use an image of a person that’s copyright-free?

Go to the website.

An image is displayed.

Refresh the page (F5).

TPDNE generates a new face each time.

Each face is AI generated.

None of these persons actually exist.

Mind. Blown.

9. Namelix: An AI that generates short branded business names.

We often spend way too much time coming up with a name for a new project or business.

Let Namelix help.

Enter key words.

Choose what type of name you want.

Namelix generates hundreds of ideas and logos for you.

10. Lets Enhance: An AI that enhances and upscales low quality images in seconds.

Upscale anything from old photos to small images.

Enhance your photos with Let’s Enhance.

Have a grainy image or one that’s too small?

Upload your image.

It increases the quality.

It makes it larger.




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