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Oi Oi magic lovelies,

The 'Miracles Without Moves' DVD is released on Aug 19. But you can watch a performance of 'Knocked Subconscious' and preorder on a special hidden page on the BBM website.   


The biggest downside of being so immersed in the amazing world of magic is that getting utterly, mentally, my-brain-is-soggy fooled is rare. Yeah, we see loads of great magic... fantastic routining... ingenious gimmcks... clever ideas that impress us no end... but seeing something that completely FOOLS us? It does not happen very often.


So when Florida resident Ryan Schlutz rolled up to BBM HQ in the Spring of this year we were unprepared for what he had ready to unleash. He sat down with all of our crew and visiting magicians (including Liam Montier, Iain Moran and James Went), and ran through the seven routines to be included on the DVD. We were FLOORED. Not a clue how he did ANY OF IT! It was outrageous.


But you know what made it more crazy than a busload of psychiatric patients running low on meds? IT USED NO SLEIGHTS!!! Did you get that? No sleight of hand.




At BBM we have the 'big love' for self working magic. It rocks. And what Ryan has devised here is simply genius. And these are not your run of the mill sleight-lite routines. No painful counting sequences, yawn inducing spelling or hard-to-master linguistic gymnastics. These are multi-layered, supremely FOOLING smashers.


This is a kick-ass DVD. Something that will provide you with material to annihilate audiences (and other magicians if you're that way inclined). Plus it will get you thinking. Look at how Ryan's brain constructs magic - then get inspired!


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