December 2018
Mindful Communication—An article by Katie Garrett for PRB Magazine
As park and recreation professionals, we communicate with many different types of people on any given day: co-workers, parents, children, individuals with special needs, senior citizens, elected officials, etc. By using mindful communication, we can craft each message to fit the needs of the individual audience and ensure each message is heard correctly.
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Risk Management for Park, Recreation, and Leisure Services, 7th Edition
This text provides park, recreation, and leisure services professionals a primer in risk management, tort liability, and negligence that gives them an awareness of legal liability and allows them to take the lead in managing risk within their organizations.

Merry Moiseichik
Sarah J. Young
Financial Resource Management,
3rd Edition
Russell E. Brayley
Daniel D. McLean
Author Spotlight
Jim Moss, attorney, specializes in the legal issues of outdoor recreation and adventure travel companies, guides, outfitters, and manufacturers. He has defended outdoor recreation businesses for more than 25 years and prior to that worked in the insurance industry.

Moss has been providing risk management services to the recreation and travel industry for 30 years. He is also an adjunct professor at Colorado Mountain College, teaching in the Ski Area Operations program.