Dear Surya Yoga Family,

We are finally open on Monday!!! We are so excited to and hope that you are too!

A few last minute pieces of information and some reminders:

*Some of you may have noticed that the online classes are now scheduled VERY EARLY in the morning. Scheduling this way makes it more feasible to get the classes to you. You do not have to wake up at 5am for an online class Lol; you still have 48 hours to take each online class. We ask that you PLEASE sign up for online classes by the day before.
* Pre-Registering for In-Studio classes is REQUIRED. If you need assistance in learning this process, please reach out and we will gladly help you!

* We ask that you PLEASE only sign up for the classes that you WILL attend . For now, we have 11 student spots in each class and a limited class schedule. Most yoga studios are now charging substantial fees when people sign up for class but don't show up. I would really like to avoid doing this. Surya Yoga is a very mindful community and we are a family; please look out for each other and our studio by only reserving space in classes you will attend. If you attempt to sign up for a class and it is already full, Mindbody will offer you a spot on the waitlist.

*We will not be offering use of community props at this time. Please bring your yoga mat, blocks, blankets, bolsters, and straps with you to class. If you need props, we are offering rental props by the month OR we can help you to pick out props for purchase online. It has also been suggested that you bring a hand towel with you to class for the occasional (non-Covid, just Human) cough or sneeze. We all cough or sneeze on occasion even if we don't have Covid, but it is much safer to do so directly into your towel. We ask that if you are feeling even slightly unwell , that you wait to attend classes until you feel 100%.

*The studio floor is mapped for social distancing and each mat-space is marked with tape. Please pick a spot and line up the bottom of your mat with the top of the tape.

*There will be hand sanitizer available in the studio. Please sanitize your hands before touching retail items in the boutique.

*Anyone who attends an In-Studio class needs to sign our Covid-19 Waiver AND our Video Release Form.  There are links to these Microsoft Word documents below.  If it is at all possible for you to print, sign, and bring them with you to the studio, PLEASE DO.   Or sign and email them back.  We will have waivers available to sign when you arrive but we are trying to reduce this step as much as possible by sending them to you in advance. These documents can only be accessed with a device that has Microsoft Word.  Thank you to those who have already signed and sent back!

*If you have any questions or concerns about our new procedures and policies, please feel free to reach out. We are doing our best to insure the safest environment possible and if you have suggestions for us, we are open to receive them.

Much Love and Light,

How Can I Help Surya Yoga?

It has meant so much to me (and all of your Surya teachers) that so many of you have inquired about how you can help to make sure that Surya is able survive this challenging time.

For those of you that stuck with us through this experience,
for us to re-open and work through
the next steps of re-building.
We cannot express how
grateful we are to you.

For those who could not practice online but are excited about returning, we

Here are some of the ways that we would love to see your support:

*Come to Yoga and
Bring New Friends!
Creating Studio Awareness
is important at this time

*Sign up for Workshops!
June 15--Moon Malas and Movement
with Megan and Amy
June 26--Surya Yoga Game Night with Amy
July 12--Goddess Circle with Aubrey
July 25--
August 15--Healing the Doshas with Nicole

*Allow Surya to be your
Retail Source!
- choose Surya instead of Hallmark
for your greeting cards
-choose Surya instead of PetSmart
for your doggie treats
-choose Surya instead of Amazon
for your gift-giving & apparrel
-choose Surya instead of HomeGoods
for home & sacred space decor
-choose Surya instead of Whole Foods
for your raw honey, candles, and incense
-choose Surya instead of Walgreens
for your hand sanitizer
We also currently offer: organic chapstick, inspired stickers to decorate your water bottles, permanent straw sets,
lavender eye pillows for Savasana, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra,
self-exploration journals, planners, and
yoga-inspired jewelry.

If you are not yet comfortable coming to
in-studio classes but would like to purchase items from the boutique, you can order them for curbside pick-up or you can reserve private time to shop by yourself in the studio.

Our retail boutique items are sourced from other small businesses in the United States.
Shopping at Surya is a great way to support your local yoga studio AND other small businesses who are struggling at this time.