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Drop-In Classes

Here's a snapshot of our weekly class schedule for October.

You can visit our website to find descriptions of each class, view drop-in class rates , see our weekly class schedule, and register for classes online.

Advance registration is not required for drop-in classes , but is recommended , since some classes have space limitations and often become full.

If you prefer, you may also download a printable copy of the October Drop-In Class schedule.
Workshops this Fall at Sunbeams Yoga
Mindful Stitchery and Yoga Nidra Workshop
Saturday October 13th, 2-4pm
We’ll start finding peace using mindful movement as we each stitch up the sides of a local lavender infused, organic cotton eye pillow. The sound and vibration of our breath, SO HUM, will assist in guiding us to a deeper state of calm. Once eye pillows are complete, we will relax deeper using a few restorative yoga floor poses. Restorative yoga poses are held for time, offering the body balance and a sweet release. This workshop will end with a yoga nidra, a short yogic guided meditation, made all the better with the eye pillows softly adding in calming our nervous system.

All supplies are provided and each student leaves with their own eye pillow for future relaxation.

Already have an eye pillow? Other options for stitching as mindful movement will include a small organic cotton bag with mandala, perfect for carrying and storing the eye pillow, OR 3 stenciled mandalas on organic cotton, perfect for use as patches, pockets or framed art.

Basic sewing skills are helpful but not required.

Led by: Susan Haines

Cost: $35

Space is limited to 8 - register to reserve your spot!
Caregiver Survival Skills Workshop
Saturday November 17th, 3-5pm
Taking care of others and helping people manage challenges, whether in a professional or home setting, can be exhausting mentally, physically, and spiritually. Find out how the practical tools of yoga can help rejuvenate your spirit, calm your mind, and reduce the harmful effects of stress on the body. Then, experience for yourself the power of these techniques and even learn how to share some with those under your care. After practice of the techniques, you will likely find yourself sleeping better, feeling more centered, and becoming more resilient.

In addition, you will receive suggestions on and draft a plan for how to incorporate short, simple yoga practices into your busy life. This accessible to all workshop will leave you empowered to make the most of the challenges of caregiving. You may even find that you become more attuned to the needs of your patient or loved one and are more present to opportunities for shared moments of sweetness that may arise during the course of your interactions; deepening relationships and uplifting spirits.

This workshop will include the yogic techniques of pranayama, meditation, gentle stretches, restorative, yoga nidra, group sharing, completion of an action plan, and discussion, with a focus on self care and how these practices can be incorporated into daily life.

Led by: Debbie Sheetz

Cost: $30 (early registration rate $25 ends November 10)

Space is limited - early registration recommended!
Myofascial Release Workshop: Upper Back, Shoulders, Neck
Saturday November 3rd, 2-4pm
Focusing on areas that commonly hold tension, and that we may often become aware of through discomfort, headache, pain, stiffness, and restricted movement. These areas can also tense up when we are feeling anxious, chilled, or stressed, and the range of intensity can sometimes linger for days.

This workshop will offer tension relieving techniques, stretches, poses, and movements coordinated with calming breaths to increase comfort, space, ease in mobility; and to decrease pain of headaches, discomfort and pain in neck, shoulders and upper back. Optional hands on assistance from teacher.

Suitable for any level of experience, beginners welcome. Options and modifications will be offered for those experiencing mild pain, tension, inflammation, and autoimmune conditions.

Cost: $30 (note: discounted rate is $55 for both workshops if you wish to attend this and December 8 Myofascial Release Workshop: Lower back, Hips, Glutes, Hamstrings )

Date/Time: Saturday November 3, 2-4pm

Led by: Cora Houghton

Myofascial Release Workshop: Lower Back, Hips, Glutes, Hamstrings
Saturday December 8th, 2-4pm
Low back pain is one of the most common causes of discomfort. This area of the spine supports the upper body and directly connects to mobility of the lower body. Learn some techniques to ease and prevent tension, injury, and pain in the low back and the areas that support the low back.

This workshop will include stretches and myofascial releasing techniques targeting the lumbar area, psoas, the gluteal muscles, and tight hips. Learn poses, offered in a slow-moving practice, that can provide relief and strengthen the low back. Learn information and tips to keep your back safe and happy, and to develop improved awareness and insight about your body and its very specific needs.

Optional hands on assistance from teacher.

All welcome, no yoga experience required. Gentle options and modifications will be offered for those experiencing moderate pain, tension, sciatica, inflammation, autoimmune conditions, past injury, and/or surgery. Beginners to experienced yoga students will also learn ways to protect themselves in poses and practice and in daily life. Strengthening, stretching, relaxing, while also supporting healthy posture, alignment and enjoyment in your body.

Cost: $30 (note: discounted rate is $55 for both workshops if you wish to attend this and November 3 Myofascial Release Workshop: Upper back, Shoulders, Neck )

Led by: Cora Houghton

" The magic was never in the shapes. The magic was in the attention that you paid to yourself in the shape." - Francesca Cervero